If you come here and take information and then don't contact me and share what you have you are only hurting your own research.
The reason why I have some of the obituaries and information on my web pages is because others shared.
So if you don't share what you have then I won't be able to add to my database which might catch another relative's eye - so you are only hurting your future prospects at getting more information.
Think about it!!!

If you find an error, incorrect date, or misspelled name OR you can fill in information that is missing in many of these old obituaries such as maiden or first names please E-mail Dave Kusel

I cross reference the obituaries with the city of Manning Cemetery records and the Carroll genealogical booklet and find many discrepancies between all of the sources.
Some errors can be from the OCR scanner software.

Recently Added

February 12, 2019 Loren Lodge
February 6, 2019 Jeanette Houston
George Justice
January 21, 2018 Harold Lampe
Gustav Koester
January 16, 2019 Scott Schramm
Lorrine Kennedy
Gene Lampe
Grace Malcom
Marjorie Johnson
Mildred Callen
Doris Orcutt
Warren Wulf
Robert Zimmerman
January 5, 2019 Peter Ploen
Carl Kruse
Edward Kruse
December 29, 2018 Reimer Witt
Gustav Witt
Christina Witt
Eugene Espenhover
Fritz Ehlers
Herman Ehlers
Anna Signall
December 26, 2018 Rose Gavin
Joseph Hoffman
Joseph Knueven
Milda Backhaus
Kristyn Justice
Everett Christensen
Jean Hugeback
Leander Halbur
Orville Kroeger
Arlo Jahn
Harry Backhaus
Renee Binder
Orville Kerkhoff
Dallas Lile
James Justice
Jeffrey Joens
Ralph Gehlsen
Alice Meister
Ivan Petersen
James Ramsey
Daniel Rocksien
Inza Roosa
Emil Schmidt
Jonathon Singsank
Rose Stuhr
Orville Thiedeman
January 12, 2019 Scott Schramm
December 21, 2018 Beata David
December 10, 2018 Willis Kruse
Curtis Struve
November 29, 2018 Shirley Reid
Ronald Hansen
Karen Lampman
Bonnie Buffington
Melvin Borkowski

When I get time I will add obituaries and memorial cards that I gather.
If you live in the Manning area and have OBs/Memorials please let me know.
If you live in another community and have obituaries/memorial cards of former Manning citizens and are interested in adding that information please contact me by e-mail.

We need your help!!
Please let me know if you find errors.
You may be working on your family genealogy and history and while searching the Internet for information you found my web page about Manning, Iowa, history.
If your family has roots in Manning and you find information on my web pages please E-mail Dave Kusel.
Presently we are working on a Manning school history book and you may have country or town school pictures or some other school information about a relative who lived here. This school book project will be finished in early 2010.
Then in mid 2010 we'll start on a Manning Veterans' history book.

If you have worked on genealogy for very long you know how much time and expense it takes. I am not charging for this information but please realize that if you help me in return with other Manning connected obituaries, pictures, and information, when combining our efforts, we will probably find even more people who can help both of us.

We also have a Manning History Book Committee that needs funds to continue doing research and we would appreciate donations which are tax deductable. E-mail Dave Kusel