2007 Guestbook

Name: Paul
City/State: West Yorkshire
Date: Fri Dec 21 14:31:01 2007
good site
I live in a small town of Otley West Yorkshire. I own a 1956 IH B250 tractor a bit smaller than some of yours.
All the best from the UK. Have a nice xmas. yours Paul
Name: Harry Upson
City/State: West Columbia, South Carolina
Date: Thu Dec 20 21:33:03 2007
Just sent you an e-mail about the grau family info on the net. It was a real surprise to see it pop up when googling ed graus name. Very nice though
Name: Steve Meeves
City/State: Hockley, Texas
Date: Thu Dec 6 19:49:47 2007
Thanks Dave I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this.
Name: Suzanne (Bandow) McClelland
City/State: Page, AZ
Date: Thu Oct 18 12:54:43 2007
Awesome job to the Bulldogs and the Coaching Staff. What a bittersweet moment to win "The Last of It's Kind"!!! Continue with the great work and Congrats to all of the support from staff, parents and students... Good Luck!!!
Name: Patty Malcolm
City/State: Wellington, KS
Date: Mon Oct 15 12:13:01 2007
My mother-inlaw is here visiting this week end & just thought I would check out the Manning website. Looks good to me. She was telling us about the upcoming merge of Manning & Manilla. Sounds like you will have a great team next year. Good luck to those boys. I'm sure they'll make it a team to contend with.
Name: Nate Bandow
City/State: Avondale, Arizona
Date: Thu Oct 11 20:14:35 2007
Good Job to the Bulldogs and the coaching staff.
Keep it up!!!!!!
Name: Joe Follett
City/State: Waukee, IA
Date: Mon Oct 8 09:00:44 2007
Nice site Dave.
I noticed in the paper about the final Manning game with Manilla. Your site brought me up to date, very interesting, thanks.
Joe Follett
Social Studies/Asst Football 85-90.
Name: Shirley Greimann
City/State: West Hartford, Ct.
Date: Mon Oct 1 19:48:51 2007
Was born and raised in Garner, Iowa. Noticed a Dau in the high school history.
Who were her Parents?
Name: Douglas G Kusel - MHS 1966
City/State: North Richland Hills, TX
Date: Sat Sep 29 10:56:08 2007
Congratulations to Manning High; the players, coaches, parents and loyal fans (past and present) of the Bulldogs!
Name: Brian Eischeid
City/State: Greenwood, Indiana
Date: Mon Sep 24 07:57:36 2007
Cool site Dave!
Remember rec center days and recording basketball games that I didnt press record...
Name: Mark Radeleff
City/State: Cedar Rapids
Date: Sat Sep 8 14:34:17 2007
Even though the Radeleff family left Manning in 1925, we all still think of Manning as the center of the family. For 35 years I have had pictures of my Grandfathers blacksmith shop hanging on the walls of my homes. I will eventually make to to Manning, I do want to see the graves of my Great-great grandparents.
Name: Norman Rudnick
City/State: Oakland, CA
Date: Fri Sep 7 16:12:45 2007
Dave, Thanks for alerting me to the material on the Garmire and Hagedorn clan. I was quite intrigued by the Ruhde connection. As I mentioned in an earlier missive, my brother Rein and I palled around with Harold Ruhde in our teens. Also, my sister, Marilyn Collier and I are encouraging Edna Rudnick to write about her experiences as a country school teacher in the mid-Forties.
Name: Norman Rudnick
City/State: Oakland, CA
Date: Wed Sep 5 21:52:40 2007
Hello David, I don't want to intrude so often into your website, but your photo of a Garmire had triggered a memory. In the Thirties, when I was very young, two persons, Charley Garmire and Mike Liken, ran a Hardware store in Gray. I would buy ten penny nails from them for my efforts to create things with coping saw and hammer and scrap lumber from variouis sources--orange crates were prized. They always treated me with respect, and now I suspect with much good-humored indulgence, as I could only buy a few pennies worth at a time. Was Charley Garmire related to the Manning Garmires?

Hi Norman,
I wish more people would post facts and trivia like you do. It helps fill in little pieces of the historical puzzle.
The Garmires in the pictures you mentioned have their roots in Gray. If you read the notes from Sandra Garmire on the right side of that web page you'll read a little about her grandfather Charles from Gray.

Name: Norman Rudnick
City/State: Oakland, CA
Date: Mon Aug 20 15:34:47 2007
Hello, David,
Read your article in the Audubon Advocate for August 17, 2007, asking for help in your ambitious project of a book on Manning and rural schools of the area.

I'm still working on identifying persons who atended Trinity Parochial. I do have some other names for Lincoln #7 you might have already obtained from other sources. These are the persons: Evelyn Kass, sister of Gerald and Arnold Kass; Ethel Wickham, sister of Ruth Wickham; Amos Asmus, brother of Arlene and Pearl; Norman Wenig, brother of Robert and Gordon; Elmer Joens, brother of Hazel and Ethel. Ernie Kuehle (sp?). I believe he's a resident of Audubon now. All of the above, except Elmer, entered Lincoln #7 after the 1932-33 school year. He graduated the year before, I believe.

Good luck on this challenging deserving project.
Norm Rudnick

Name: Kent Rutz
City/State: Council Bluffs, IA
Date: Sat Aug 11 18:38:56 2007
Dave, Thanks for posting my mother's memorial. Everyone is very appreciative of all the things you do on your web site for the community. It was good to see you and visit with you at the service. I would also like to extend my thanks to Pastor Sparling and the volunteers at Zion Lutheran Church, Ohde Funeral Home, and all the staff at the Manning Plaza and Hospital for your fine care and service. Thank you all very much. Everything was very nice.
Name: Deb Stangl
City/State: Lincoln, NE
Date: Thu Aug 2 23:18:17 2007
Thank you so much for the memorial for Kevin Stangl. It was greatly appreciated by all of us.
Deb Stangl, Jared & Liz Stangl, Jana Stangl and Chad Hendry.
City/State: Jackson MN
Date: Thu Aug 2 20:42:55 2007
I just wanted to say that I spent about six months near Kusel Germany in 2003-2004. Soon after we left Manning, I was "deployed" to Germany. I lived in Rodenbach and worked on Ramstein Air Force Base (near Kaiserslautern). I drove pay documents to a base near Trier once a month and we passed the sign for Kusel. I wish I could say that I visted but I don't think I ever did. I did take a picture of the sign. I'll look for it. If I remember correctly the picture is a little blurring because the road (62) thru the area is the autobahn and I drove the government rental cars "like I didn't have a dime in em".


Name: Joyce Vento
City/State: Brooklyn
Date: Thu Aug 2 18:15:34 2007
Dave, My Mother's baptismal dress that was used in 1911 was handmade by my Grandfather, John Struve's, cousin by the name of Dora Kusel. I know that she moved to California but was back in Iowa for a visit, while my Mother, Elvia Richards, still lived in Manning and I was wondering if she was related to you in any way. By the way, we still have the baptismal dress and we figured out that including Mom, 26 of her chilcren, grandchilldren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren were baptised in that dress.

By the way, I just love your web site.
I look at it when I get homesick.
Thanks for the good work.

Hi Joyce, I sent you an e-mail but the address I have for you is no longer working.
I have information for you but you'll have to e-mail me with your new e-mail address. Thanks - Dave Kusel

Name: Norman Rudnick
City/State: Oakland, CA
Date: Fri Jul 27 22:35:15 2007
Larry Jamieson's message aroused some of my memories of his family group. I went to Trinity School for a year(1931-32)with Harvey and Gilbert Kienist, sons of John Kienist, who lived a mile north of Trinity Church on the east side of the road. August Kienist and family lived a mile and half north of the church on the west side of the road. I remember Clara Ullerich playing the organ and Hugo Ullerich teaching Sunday school. They lived just south of Trinity Church on the west side of the road. Hugo was a mild mannered most pleasant young person. A beautiful view of the farm can still be seen from the knoll on which Trinity Church used to be perched.
Name: Julie A. (GENZEN) Schelich
City/State: Columbia, MO
Date: Fri Jul 27 12:02:19 2007
Your website was very helpful. I am the daughter of Robert Clarence Genzen, son of Bertha and Albert. Dad was the only Genzen in that family to leave Iowa. I am trying to complete some family history and I was able to get a few dates from your page. I am only missing two uncles dates. Delbert Vinke and Lester Genzen. I will be sending you information on my dad's obit soon for you to post. I have fond memories of my times each summer in Iowa with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma Genzen. Thanks for the hard work.
Name: Larry D. Jamieson
City/State: Wichita, Kansas
Date: Mon Jul 23 08:34:07 2007
David, Thank you for your web site. It has so much information. In June, my Wife & I visited Manning Heritage Park to view Trinity Church. Through you Web Site we were able to follow the move of the church. My Great Grandfather, Johann Kienast; my Grandfather, August Kienast were members of Trinity Lutheran from it's beginning. My Mother, Elsie Kienast-Jamieson was baptized and confirmed at Trinity as well as Aunts, Uncles and cousins. Her Cousin, Clara Ullerich played the organ. I have attended services several times. I am most grateful for all the work and effort you have put into this web site. I have the original confirmation certificate of my Mother. My Mother also attended the Trinity School. Thank you.
Name: Norman Rudnick
City/State: Oakland, California
Date: Thu Jul 12 19:34:55 2007
I was pleased to see the photo memo of George Campbell on your website. The Campbell family was a part of the rich social texture of life for me in the Gray-Manning area during my childhood and youth. I remember Frank Campbell and Tator Sonksen boxing on the main street of Gray one hot summer day in July 1935 or 36, I believe. George's wife, Grace Lawson, was a sophomore in Gray High School when I was a freshman. I think George was courting her even then. In later years George and Grace would occasionally visit my aged Aunt Minnie Boers in her Carroll home, a thoughtful gesture I always appreciated. According to Aunt Minnie, on one of their visits Grace picked up my novel The Murder of Eleanor Lindquist and borrowed it.
Thanks for the memory.
Norm Rudnick
Name: James Hinners
City/State: Las Vegas, NV
Date: Sun Jul 8 19:18:38 2007
Enjoy reading the website, keep up the great work!!!
Name: Keith Escher
City/State: Long Beach, CA
Date: Sat Jul 7 13:40:41 2007
Hey there Class of 87. Just curious if anyone is planning something for our 20 Year Reunion?
Have a good one,
Keith Escher
Name: Lisa Dreier
City/State: Manning
Date: Tue Jul 3 14:12:23 2007
Thank you for the awesome story and display of pictures during our Kinderfest Tournament.
Wow! this is my first time on your website. You have really displayed information and pictures about Manning to the highest level! Your work is absolutly awesome!!! Thank you and this site is added to my favorite bookmarks!
Sincerely, Lisa Dreier
Name: Nate Bandow
City/State: Avondale, Az
Date: Sat Jun 30 17:16:59 2007
Awesome pics of the training. I like that you update the fire dept. stuff.
I just went through 5 weeks of technical training a year ago and I now work on technical rescue trucks that are close to a few of the popular mountains that are inside the city. We also are trained for swift water rescue, trench rescue and confined space rescue and shoring. About 8 months ago we had a guy tearing down a parking structure downtown and a floor collapsed on his bulldozer trapping him for about 8 hrs. I was on E-12 that day which is also a technical rescue truck and we were assigned to shore up the first and second floors directly below the collapsed area. We got him out alive and I think he lost one or two legs but he is living.
Thanks for the pics Howard keep them coming


Name: B.J. Dreyer
City/State: Treynor, IA
Date: Thu Jun 21 11:42:05 2007
I just did a google search for one of my college buddies Jason Blum and found your site. I went to ISU with Blum from 1998 until he graduated in May 2001. Do you have an email address for him or any other way to contact him. I would love to get in touch with him. I was pleased to see your site had an update on him, because I was unaware he was in Iraq.
Thank you,
B.J. Dreyer

Hi B.J. - I can forward your e-mail address to Jason so he can get in contact with you.
So you need to send me an e-mail (listed above).
Thanks - Dave Kusel

Name: Nate Bandow
City/State: Avondale, Arizona
Date: Mon Jun 18 18:19:39 2007
Dave I believe the in the back row to the right is Larry Faulk or Faulkner. In the front I think it may be Monica Martens and I am pretty sure its Aaron Nelson. Fun seeing all those pics.
How have you been Howard? Its getting hot out here in AZ but its a dry heat :)
Take Care chat soon,
Name: Pat Greenwood
City/State: Omaha, Nebraska
Date: Thu Jun 14 14:02:57 2007
Dave -- In the early summer of 1971 I worked on improvements to IA 141 between Manning and Templeton. Also on the culvert crew with me were 1970 MHS grads Curt Struve, Bob Sturm, Ron Reischl and Jim Muhlbauer. These guys treated me like a brother and the Manning people couldn't have been more welcoming.

We were on the clock 11 hours per day and yet still able to have lots of fun every night. THAT'S energy conservation!

Thank you for maintaining this site. Manning is a special place and your townfolk are lucky to have you!

Name: Frank Hummer
City/State: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Date: Tue Jun 12 17:20:25 2007
I don't have a lot of family history in the Manning area, and don't have any history to share, but I lived there in Kindergarten and first grade (1960-62), I have good memories of Manning, and I just wrote to say "hi". I remember some people from the class of 73: Craig Zubrod was one of my best friends. Another great friend was Richard Schmidt -- I got on his school bus the first day of Kindergarten and I wasn't supposed to: that story made it to the local paper. I ran into Teresa Stangl (classmate) when we ended up both working for the state library in DM in the late 70s or early 80s. I saw Helen Wiese at the "All-State Choir" in DM in high school ('72?),. My brother was Jim Hummer (graduated '71), and I remember he was good friends with Mike Zerwas and Brad Zubrod. My sisters were Kathy and Terri, and I remember Kathy was good friends with one of the Heitoff family (spelling?).

If you would like to e-mail Frank you can use my e-mail address toward the top of this web page and I'll send Frank's address to you.
Dave Kusel

Name: Fred Mohr
City/State: Wilmington, NC
Date: Wed Jun 6 20:02:23 2007
Hello, thru my search I came upon your web site with the Mohr name.
I am: John Frederick Mohr, SR
Nice site.
RM1 Fred Mohr, USNR-RET
Name: Marilyn J. (Rudnick)
City/State: Twentynine Palms
Date: Mon Jun 4 19:06:33 2007
Hi, This is for Sandy. We know Uncle Herb married Aunt Meta. I'm the one that sent her adult confirmation picture to Dave. He's posted it at the Trinity Lutheran site. Check it out. Also, brother Norman left out one of the Vicars who served as a teacher at Trinity. Right now I'm having a senior moment and can't remember his name. It may be Steiner. He did become a pastor and served in Texas and Arizona.
Name: Sandy Overton
City/State: Honey Creek, Iowa
Date: Sat Jun 2 21:52:43 2007
David, My father's family the Addison's are from Manning. I am currently working on the family tree and it's great to find sites like yours and see pictures of relatives!
To Norman Rudnick: Herbert Rudnick married my grandmother Meta. Wanda Mathiesen is my dad's half-sister.

Good to hear from you. I talked on the phone with Wanda last evening. I met Meta once or twice, only, as I was gone from the area when I graduated from high school. I think I met her at a Rudnick family picnic in a Carroll park in 1955.
My mother always spoke highly of Meta.
If you wish to reminisce Dave Kusel can give you my e-mail address.

Name: Norman Rudnick
City/State: Oakland, CA
Date: Fri Jun 1 16:03:55 2007
Hello, David, In response to your request for teacher identification, I am sending you a list of those who were my heuristic guides in my childhood years.
Trinity Lutheran Parish School:
1929-1930 Mr. Briene sp?
1930-1931 Mr. Schmidt
Both my Brother Reihardt and I were enrolled in the parish school these two years. Mr Briene and Mr. Schmidt were Concordia Divinity students and boarded with Pastor Nieting while fulfilling theor pedagogical duties.
Lincoln #7 Teachers
1931-1932 Perdita Ennenbach. In later years I came to wonder how a small town girl came to bear the same name as a character in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. The question still plagues me.
1932-1933 Lois Sunberg, nee Huffman, recenty deceased.
1933-1934 Ruth Moody
1934-1935 Ethel Aikman
1935-1936 Ethel Aikman
1936-1937 Goldie Boers Afterwards, sister-in-law of my Aunt Minnie Boers, nee-Rudnick, who married Lloyd Boers, Goldie's brother.

You've undertaken a daunting task, and I wish you the best of luck with it. We're still waiting for Discovery Channel's showing the church move. My ETS colleagues who saw the National Geo. tape were quite impressed.

Sincere regards
Norm Rudnick

Name: Alice (Ahrendsen) Hoffmeier
City/State: Cedar Rapids, IOWA
Date: Tue May 8 23:00:43 2007
Thank you, Dave, for all of your hard work in promoting and preserving our heritage on your website. You are doing a fine job! Haven't seen the moving of Trinity Lutheran Church yet, but will look forward to it.
Name: Randi Mohr
City/State: Carroll, Iowa
Date: Sat Apr 28 19:54:46 2007
I am fascinated by your website and the involvement you play in your community and for the stories of the people of the community. I really appreciate the stories you put online about my grandfather, Bud Mohr, and am very glad he had the opportunity to share such amazing stories about his experiences at war. He was such a wonderful, very funny and caring person as most of us already know. Writing about him and posting his life-time highlights on your website to share with everyone is really neat of you. Also, I never really asked my grandpa much about what it was like at WWII because I was always afraid it might bring back painful memories. But because of the stories he got to share with you, I can still hear about some of those experiences right from your website. It's a great feeling knowing that my grandpa was really looked up to. You did a really good job, and I just want to thank you for that!
Name: Michele (Mohr) Olney
City/State: Tempe, AZ
Date: Fri Apr 27 09:53:02 2007
Thank you so much for this wonderful web site. I check in every once in awhile and enjoy reading about the happenings in Manning. Thank you for putting in my Dad's memorial. Keep up the good work.
Name: Janet Myer
City/State: Manning, IA
Date: Wed Apr 25 10:09:44 2007
Hi David, Just want you to know I visited your website today. I have heard so much about it. I know I have a school history paper to fill out for you since I was once a teacher at MHS. If I don't find it soon I will have to ask for another. Things have been too hectic at our house and I feel it may be lost. Thanks for all you do. You help make Manning the great place it is!!!
Name: Theresa
City/State: Santa Monica, CA
Date: Tue Apr 24 20:07:29 2007
David: I saw the monster move of Trinity Lutheran Church. I was astounded and teared up as the choir led the church and sang "Here It Comes". The song, I thought, was a powerful (I am hopelessly sentimental) Hymn. The voices were simply beautiful. I have e-mailed friends to click on the Windfall Films site to view/hear it. But, they want to see it in it's entirety. I have tried unsuccessfully to find the May, 2007 airtimes and am frustrated that I have been unsuccessful. Would you please help me find a calendar or web site with the dates and times? I would be grateful if you can.
Thanks a lot!!!
Name: Kris Vander Lugt
City/State: Ames, Iowa
Date: Fri Apr 20 16:45:02 2007
Hi! I'm a German professor at Iowa State and was looking for some local connections to German for showing at the annual VEISHEA celebration in our department's tent, which is how I came across your site. I'm also the German Club advisor - We'd love to come visit Manning next year! Do you still do tours? Thanks! Kris (ktvl AT iastate DOT edu)

Hi Kris
Please use the e-mail address shown above. Then I can get you in contact with someone in Manning.
Thanks - Dave Kusel

Name: Ric Kusel
City/State: Eagle Point, Oregon
Date: Tue Apr 17 18:51:21 2007
I always enjoy reading the family tree.
Ric Kusel
Name: Rob Scheid
City/State: San Francisco, CA
Date: Thu Apr 5 08:33:33 2007
Hi David, thanks for the website, I love the music loop on this page: http://www.davidkusel.com/midi/western.mid
Have a great spring!
Name: Al and Gretch Rowedder
City/State: Jefferson, IA
Date: Thu Apr 5 00:00:22 2007
Dave, We haven't been on your web site for awhile and when I just pulled it up there was history on the Tank family. We truly enjoyed this so very, very much. Thanks for all your effort
I'm giving a lesson to my Quester's group Mon. evening on my hometown. Looking for some good pictures.
Name: Bill Forbes
City/State: Steamboat Springs, Co.
Date: Fri Mar 30 00:55:58 2007
God Bless Manning Iowa and God Bless Dan Peters----the former Mayor-
Name: Mark Chamberlain
City/State: Altoona, KS
Date: Thu Mar 22 18:01:59 2007
I love the way you farm. We need more folks to pay more attention to conservation tillage [including no-till], IPM and other things to create a sustainable farming system. Too many so-called "farmers" are just poisoning our land and especially our water by refusing to even look at alternatives to what "works" for them.
Name: Stan Bernard
City/State: Miamisburg, Ohio
Date: Thu Mar 22 16:42:19 2007
Bill Forbes is a very dear friend of mine and speaks very highly of you. So I thought I would drop by Manning and say hello. Living there must be fun.
Name: Kenneth Schrum
City/State: Sapulpa , Ok
Date: Sat Mar 10 16:05:52 2007
Dave: Great work! I log on every once in awhile to see what's going on and am usually entertained for at least an hour or more. My Mother-in law (Clara Freese) of Manning still receives the Monitor so we can keep up with the home town.
Thanks so much for the excellent work, Kenneth Schrum
Name: Dr Robert E Richards
City/State: Huntsville, Alabama
Date: Thu Mar 1 20:28:36 2007
Just saw the moving of the Church, that was great. I love to just browse over your site every so often. Thanks
Name: Wayne R. Ross
City/State: Perry, Ohio
Date: Sun Feb 25 18:57:51 2007
Daru Ross told me about your website and I find it very interesting, like a trip back home.
Name: Steve Harris
City/State: Brooklyn, NY
Date: Sat Feb 24 23:20:25 2007
Looking for info on Benjamin I. Salinger.
Do you know where I can look? He was my grandfather's cousin.

Note: I have some information about B.I. Salinger but you need to e-mail me -- address listed above.
Thanks Dave Kusel

Name: Norman Rudnick
City/State: Oakland, California
Date: Sat Feb 17 12:23:15 2007
What a marvelous set of communiques from the UK on the moving of Trinity Lutheran Church. I remember how I used to long in the Thirties to sit in the "Choir" benches of the upper gallery, where some younger members of the congregation sat, among them several of my aunts and uncles.

A copy of The Hayward of Rye Village, my third novel has joined copies of the first two on a shelf in the University of Iowa's Special collections library, the Iowa section, under Sidney F. Huttner, Head. Special Collections. Also, the novel, like the first two is available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets.

Name: Lesley Cooper Luth
City/State: Garland, Texas, USA
Date: Thu Feb 15 07:54:38 2007
Thanks for posting such great info on this website!
I've been researching Ohdes for years and have traced ancestors of Manning's George John Ohde b. 1879 (he married Anna R. Georgius and they had 9 children) back to 1756 in Erfde, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Would love to share info on ancestors or descendants.
Name: Greg Schurer
City/State: Gering, NE 69341
Date: Sat Feb 10 14:15:14 2007
Great Website!
Since discovering it, I log on to it every chance I get and find more interesting things every time. I will try to find something to contribute and send it to you when time allows.
Name: Dick and Donna Zerwas
City/State: Commerce Twp., Michigan
Date: Sat Jan 20 11:54:31 2007
Great job with the web page. Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to post all the news concerning the Manning community.
Name: David Kusel
City/State: Manning, IA
Date: Fri Jan 12 12:46:05 2007
Welcome to the new year.

Please let me know what you think about my web pages and if you would like to see something new added.
Thanks for visiting.


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