German Haus Barn to Begin Journey
Manning Monitor September 28, 1995

The authentic German haus barn project has met with many road blocks over the years, however, hurdles have been over-come and good news has recently been received by the German Haus Barn Committee. The structure is now vacant and the project is moving ahead thanks to financing in the amount of $65,000 which has been allocated to the haus barn committee.

"The Manning Development Corporation has directed interim financing to the haus barn committee, ear-tagged to be used for the dismantling and shipping of the structure to our community," said Richard Crandall, Manning Development Corporation president. Crandall stated the money is being made available at this tune because the structure is now vacant and the project can begin to take shape.

"This certainly puts new life into the project," said co-chairperson, Ron Colling. "It's been a long time coming!"

Concern remained with the structure in Germany as hands were tied in attempts to remove the non-paying tenants that had refused to vacate the premises. This created deferment in the relocation of the haus barn to Manning. Funding was the secondary prohibiting factor. These initial obstacles have now been laid to rest.

"A group of university students from Kiel, Germany, under the direction of Dr. Johannsen, curator of the open air museum near there, are now going into the haus barn to begin historical research," stated Freda Dammann, co-chairperson of the Haus Barn Committee.

The committee has received word that dismantling, which will be done by a German company, could be done this winter, with shipping completed in the near future. Shipping options are still being considered with the possibility of a German airline or American government agency donating that portion of the project cost.

The Manning Haus Barn Committee is not alone in this project. Paul Wegner of the International Leason for the Iowa Department of Economic Development living in Frankfurt, Germany, is acting as the intermediary between the committee and Dr. Johannsen. He will be meeting with Dr. Johannsen, following the progress, and keeping the committee informed of developments as they occur.