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June 4, 1903 Manning Monitor
How to Help Manning.
Praise It.
Improve it.
Talk about.
Trade at home.
Write about it.
Be public spirited.
Tell of its business men.
Remember it is your home.
Take a home pride in it.
Tell of its business resources.
Tell of its natural advantages.
Trade and induce others to trade here.
When strangers come to town use them well.
Look ahead of self when all the town is to be considered.
Don't call your best citizens frauds and impostors.
Support your local institutions that benefit your town.
Help your public officers do the most good for the most people.
Don't forget you live off the people here and should help others as they help you.
Don't advertise in your local paper "to help the editor," but advertise to help yourself.
Don't forget that your local paper is always working to build up your town and that it earns your subscription.
If your tax is increased a dollar by improvements, remember your property is benefited many times this sum.
PLEASE: Support the Manning community, businesses, and the Manning Monitor

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