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The Manning Exchange is for anyone who is interested in Manning, Iowa, history and the various family genealogies connected to it.

Please post your questions and comments.
Hopefully someone will find your message and be able to answer your questions and maybe share pictures and information with you.

I set up this newer style message board in June 2013 which has added security features to prevent the spammers from posting here.
Your e-mail address will ONLY be viewable by me so it will be secure too.

Maybe you want to reach classmates for your class reunion, or seek volunteers for a local project or organization...things like this.

Please use this message board to ask me (David Kusel) for help with Manning area history/genealogy.

Why do I bother even maintaining this message board?
Very few people use it - a few more do browse through it but it basically sits fairly idle.
Facebook, Twitter and other so-called "social" media sites are constantly being used - they are very easy to post messages with few ground-rules.

The Manning exchange takes several extra steps to post messages (for security purposes and anti-spamming) and then I have to give the OK for the message and manually post it.
BUT the messages here took some thought - no spur of the moment mindless comments, and my website has a specific purpose which is to help people with their Manning connections and Manning history.
I don't care about people's personal worldly opinions or their gossip...their attempts to make themselves stand out and get those 15 minutes of fame - so my web pages stay free of that crap - above board so to speak!

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Please note: when you fill out your post and the security feature - your message will NOT show up immediately.
I will have to approve the message and will try to OK it within 24 hours.
These extra security features are so I can prevent spammers from ruining this message board.
Dave Kusel

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