Posted by: janis g soulis
Fri, Aug 24, 2001, 15:14:00

first message was on claussen, but i have realized that there are many there in manning that are related, that i don't even know about.

i don't have a lot of information on the ewoldt's, some from aunt, but i'm sure there is more.

the wycoff's are related, but how and i think it is more than one way, so who, why, where and when.

i know, sounds like i'm a reporter, but unfortunately, i did not have the pleasure of living there, so i don't know all the people. the last time i was in manning i was 16 and spent the summer with my grandparents and aunt ila, uncle art, karen and diane. at that time all of these questions were not on my mind.

anyone that can help i sure would appreciate what information you have.


janis soulis

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