Hargens, Vollstedt & Frahm
Posted by: Karla Nurnberg
Thu, Apr 05, 2001, 18:20:25

Dave, I am a friend of Mary Kusel's, so she gave me your e-mail address.
Where are these Manning, Iowa Hargens, Vollstedt and Frahm families from in Schleswig-Holstein?
My Grandmother was Dorothea Margaretha Elisabeth Hargens and her father was Juergen Hinrich Hargens. Great-grandfather was born in Schlichting. One of his ancestral lines was Frahm from Meggersdorf.

Grandmother's mother was Bertha Margaretha Prien from Heide. One of her ancestral lines was Vollstedt from near Meldorf.

When my Great-grandparents came to the United States, they settled in Scribner, Nebraska. Tomorrow, my husband, son, and I are leaving for Cincinnati, Ohio to visit our oldest son. On our way we will be stopping in Scribner. I wish that he would allow me to see Manning, but I may have to do that on another

Before my Great-grandparents left Germany they lived in Jarrenwisch near Wesselburen. They lived in a Hausbarn. GGFather was a blacksmith, so their's had three sections, house, barn and blacksmith shop. Among my mother's papers I found a short life story of my Grandmother. In this she mentioned that her siblings and her used to sometimes go and sing with their father in his blacksmith shop. She also mentioned that her brother, Fred had a good voice. This is about all that we know about him, because he died in Germany.

Our family is trying to contact Hargens families here in the United States, who are branches of our family tree.

Thank you for any information that you can find out for me.

Karla Nurnberg

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I posted this message for Karla from her e-mail to me so if you would like to help her out you can either post a message to her here or contact me by using my e-mail address on the Main Forum page and I'll get you in touch with her.
Dave Kusel

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