Stuhr, Karsten, Butterfield, Hagedorn, Moss, Austin, Wulf, Marken, Emmons, Kusel

Posted by: David Kusel
Sun, Jun 24, 2001, 22:49:53


Hi all,

On my Kusel genealogy web page I have several families/individuals that we have lost contact with.
This link shows some pictures and gives more detail.

Brief description of lost relatives.

August Kusel married Wilhelmine Karsten and possibly had twins.
Born in the Manning area moved to Salem, Oregon.

Dorabell Kusel married Chris Stuhr (I believe both were born in Manning area) and had 3 girls.
One daughter had a boy named Leroy Butterfield.

Herman Kusel married Cecille Hagedorn and later sister Rose Hagedorn.
Herman had 2 girls Vera & Rena. The girls had children.

Anna Kusel married William Emmons and later Henry Marken.
Anna had no children but I'm interested in finding out more about her and her 2 husbands.

Matilda Kusel married Nicholas Wulf.
They had 3 children and one eloped.
Her name was Laura Wulf and we lost contact completely.

Henry Kusel was first married to Anna Schelldorf (sister to William Schelldorf who lived in Earling, IA).
Henry and Anna had one girl named Emma Kusel.
They got divorced and we lost track of daughter Emma.

Like all genealogy "bloodhounds" I'm hopeful that someone will come along and read this post and be able to help me find some of my "long lost relatives".

Thanks much
Dave Kusel

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