While going through a box of pictures from the archives of the Manning Monitor office I ran across an envelope with pictures of children who were featured in a "Leaders of Tomorrow" feature from the 1983 Manning Monitor.

Back then, the children (their ages) along with their parents' names were listed under the picture for each family in the Monitor article.
Now in 2012 we would like to do a follow-up feature in the Manning Monitor sometime this summer.

We would like to hear from all of the children (now adults).
I have your pictures (full size scans), along with your names, ages in the picture and your parents' names.

For your update you can include as much or as little information/details as you wish BUT we sure would like to receive an update that covers growing up in Manning, what you did in your early adult life, then about your family/spouse (if any), where you live, your plans for the future, etc.

You might want to name your children but not list where you live. You may have a picture or two of your own that you want included with your update. Maybe you only want to tell about yourself. It is entirely up to you but again please e-mail me (Dave Kusel) so you can start working with me on this project.

Don't worry about including too much information. It may be edited down for the Monitor series but all of the information will be added to a Manning historical database that I am working on to preserve Manning's amazing history.

On the left side web page frame - below the 4 composite images - are links to 5 Manning Monitor pages that featured Scott Mills & Aaron Nelson.
I approached both Scott & Aaron while they were in Manning volunteering for a health fair the Manning Hospital held in August of 2011.
I was impressed that they would take the time out of their busy schedules and lives, and make the long trip to Manning to help out the community where they grew up.

So I asked them to take some more time out of their busy lives to send me their stories and they did just as I expected they would - they helped out - just like they did years ago when I asked them to help out with Channel 2 and other activites when they were kids.

I'm not expecting you to send me this type of detailed information about yourself but even if it is a paragraph or two will be great.

For those of you who no longer live here in Manning, the people of the community will be especially interested in reading about you and what you have been doing the last 30 years.

Scott Mills at the Health Fair

Aaron Nelson at the Health Fair

Please contact Dave Kusel to work out the details on how to get your updated story included in the Monitor article. email David Kusel

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