Whether you have never served or if you served for several decades, I would encourage everyone to read this WWI Manning list of Veterans' names shown below.
It should be considered an honor by everyone and also a duty for all to read these names...they were part of the Pioneer generation of Manning, and when duty called they responded in great numbers.

For some of you there will be a grandfather, or great-uncle in this list...maybe a distant cousin, but for anyone who is around 50 and whose family has been here for several generations, there will be many Veterans in this list who were good friends/neighbors of some of your relatives.

I have been working on the Manning Veterans' list since 1996.
Unfortunately, it is the "younger" generations of Veterans that I generally have very little if any information, with lots of missing names still to be discovered...the Vietnam to present generations of Veterans and active duty military personnel.

If you haven't looked at my Veterans' web page that has over 1000 names of Manning connected Veterans starting with the War of 1812 to the present - then you should do this after browsing this web page.

I continue to gather names, pictures, and information about each and every Manning connected Veteran.
You know who you are who has not worked with me...and if I forgot to get back to you it will be up to you to contact me and remind me again.
I try to reach out to everyone but that is next to impossible, so unless you reach out to me so we can work on your military history, you may not even be listed in the Manning Veterans' book, and at best, if I find out you are a Veteran, it will only be your name listed...unless I find some other sources of information about your service.

I'm hoping that all Manning connected Veterans will see it historically important to provide pictures and information about themselves, so they too, can join the amazing list of WWI names shown below.

Sadly, some of these Veterans will only be featured with a name, because no one came forward with pictures and information about them or I was not able to find anything to include with their name.
Some of them have probably fallen off their family history tree, so they won't be recognized by anyone in the future as someone who served their country.

So now is the time, if you are a Manning connected Veteran to contact me so we can work on your military history.

World War I April 6, 1917- November 11, 1918
* denotes killed in action or died while serving

Winford Addison, George Adolphson, Emil H. Albert, Virgil R. Anderson, Joe Anstoeter, Henry E. Arp, Jesse LeRoy "Roy" Barnes, Louie Bailey, Orrin Bailey, Richard Baker, Louie Becker, Charles Behrens, Walt Bennet, Ralph Berkheimer, Jay Bingham, Herbert Blair, Edgar Bobar, Herbert Bobar, Lawrence J. Bock, Virgil V. Book, August Bogatzke, Gus Bohnsack, Fred Brandenberg, Henry Brandhorst, Gordon Branson - (Don), Rodney Burk, Alfred Buss, Jerome V. Callanan, Lee H. Callender, Robert Campbellm, John Carstens, Willie Carstens, Clarence Carroll, William Chrastil, Hans J. Clausen, Arthur Claussen, Harry Claussen, Herbert Claussen, Herman Claussen, John Claussen, William Claussen, Roy Cole, Harry Corbin, Ernest Dammann, Hermann Dammann, Hugo David, Lawrence David, Marshall Davis, L.R. Davitt, Albert C. Dethlefs *, Edwin Dethlefs, Emil Dethlefs, Henry Dethlefs, Rudolph Dethlefs, William Dillingham, Clem Dultmeier, Neal T. Dunnick, William Dunnick, George Ehlers, Carl P. Eiffler, Oliver J. Emmons, Albert M. Emmons, George A. Erven, William T. Esser, Alfred Ewoldt, Emil Ewoldt *, John Ewoldt, William Ewoldt, Oscar Forbes, Arnold Foster, Arthur John Foster, Gustav Franke, Ledger Free, Russell Free, Martin Edwin Fritz, LeRoy Furhman, Fred Gehlsen, Ed Glover, Leo G. Goedert, Ross Golden, John Gosch, Louis Grage, Walter Grantz, Detlef Grau, Edward Grau, Herman Grau, Julius Grau, Walter Grau, William M. Grave, Henry Grelck, Nicolia G. Greibel, Edward Gronert, Ernest Gruhn, Fred Gruhn, Harry K. Gruhn, H.J. Hagedorn, Dr. H.H. Hagedorn, Otto Hagedorn, Bernard Halbur, Clarence Hambleton, Louie Hammer, Claudius Hansen, Levi Hansen, Henry J.M. Hansen, John Hansen, Peter F. Hansen, William Hargens, Alfred Hass, Leon Hass, Charles Hassler, John Herbers, Herman Hessling, Roy S. Hiatt, Glenn Higgenbotham, Featherstone B. Hill, Harry Hinz, Harry Hoffmann, Ed Holdsworth, Anthony Hunkler, Fred Iselin, Philip Jacobs, Algot Jacobsen, J.A. Jahnke, Albert Jansen, Emil Jansen, Blair S. Jarvis, Andrew C. Jensen, Lawrence Jentsch, Gustav Jessen, Frank Joens, Henry Joens, John Joens, John E. Jourdon, Louis Kalkhoff, Truman Kampen, W.D. Kanning, Albert Karsten, John Karsten, William Karsten, John Kasperbauer, Harry M. Keat, John W. Keat, Raymond B. Kelsey, Frank Kemper, Wheeler Kempf, John Kienast, William Kirkpatrick, Gordon Knowles, Frank Koeppen, Tom Kroeger, Henry Kruse, Claude Kruse, Emil J. Kuhl, Peter Kuhl, Emil Kuhn, Clarence Kuhse, Edward Kuhse, August Gus Kusel, Gerhardt Lamp, Herman Lamp, Ben Lampe, Albert Langheim or Langham, Roy Lawbaugh, Amos Lee, George Lee, Art Lee, Edward Lehmberg, Henry Lohmeier, William Lorenzen, Kirby Lott, Frank J. Lutwitze, Neal McCaffery, Wayne McCory, John McDonald, W.A. McEnany, Wayne McGory, James McGrane, Harry McMurray, Max Meindl, Clyde Meisel, LeRoy Meisel, John Meisel, Frank J. Mentzer, Anton Mergele, William Mergele, Henry E. Meyers, Marvin Meyers, Herman Moeller, William Mohns, Henry Mohr, John H. Mohr, Erwin Moser, Ralph Moser, Joe Muhlbauer, Jr., Hans Musfeldt, Chris W. Nelson, Fred P. Nelson, George Nissen, Ned Norris, Louis Ossenkop, Emil Opperman, Herman Opperman, Ed Paesler, Herman Pahde, George F. Parish, Floyd Parish, Ralph Parkhouse, Fred C. Passick *, Vernon Patten, Bryan F. Payne, John B. Peter, Charles Petersen, Fred Petersen, Gordon Petersen, Carl Piper, Fay Polloch or Pollock, Otto Popp, Gustav Pruter, Albert Puck, George Puck, Louie Puck, Peter Puck, Ferdinand Ranniger, Edward H. Reimer, Gerald Reimers, William Reinhold, Dr. Andrew Karl Resner, Harold Robert Resner, John Roggendorf, Charles Rogers, Karl Rohr, August Ross, Louie Rowedder *, Robert Rudnick, Gustav Ruge, Carl Ryan, George Schade, Herbert Schelldorf, Orlo Schelldorf, John Schilling, Karl Schmidt, August Schoening, Robert Schoening, Albert Schoeppner, Albert Schroeder, Frederick Schroeder, George Schroeder, John Schroeder, Otto Schroeder, Nicholas Schrum, William Schrum, Carl Schultz, Theodore J. Schon, Charles Scott, Peter A. Siem, Hans Sievers, George Sievert, Albert Signall, Francis Signall, Tom Signall, William Signall, Ora Simpson, William Simpson, William Sinow, Dr. Arthur F. Smith, Arthur Stang *, Alfred F. Stangl, Grover Steen, Joe Steen, William Steen, Johnnie Stewart, Thomas Stewart, Albert Stoelk, Lawren Stoelk, John C. Straveley, Cecil J. Straveley, Chris Steinhangen, Herbert Ray Stribe, Claus Struve, Peter Struve, William Struve, Bernhardt H. Stuhr *, Fred Stumpe, Heinnie Suhr, William Summerfeldt, Ernest D. Sutherland, Lionel Surridge, Wilbur Talbot, Louie Tank, Thomas W. Tarpy, Rudolph Almond Taylor, Marlene Thompson, Louie J. Thomsen, Lincoln Tompson, Ben Torgerson, Peter Vehrs, Julius Vinke *, Otto Voege, Louis Vogt, August Warnke, Earl Weems, Henry Weideman or Wieman, George Weidner, Sam Welch, Clinton Welch, A.E. Welliver, Ben Wentzel, Harry Werder, Ray Wieman, William Wiese, Ben Willenborg, Ray Wiseman, Arnold Witt, George Wittrock, Charles Wooster, Charles Wulf, Frank Wulf, William Wulf *, Herman Wunder