The basket social held May 3 at school No 8, Iowa Township, brought in $105.85. At first it was announced as $108.00, but on a careful recounting by three tellers, ere leaving the school house it was found to be $105.85.

The children rendered their parts very creditable. As Superintendent F.N. Olry could not be present he sent Messrs Kahler and Powers two Red Cross workers who told us more about that work. Mr. Alfred boss auctioned off thirty-three baskets in forty minutes. I believe Mamie Wegner's box brought the most, seven dollars.

The Misses Elsie Wegner and Elsie Boyens assisted the auctioneers by displaying the baskets to their best advantage as he called them off. Mr. Summerville acted as secretary, Mr. Wegner as treasurer, Mr. and Mrs. Boock, Messrs Lamp and Wurr took charge of the baskets. The thirty children of No. 8 will have their Junior Red Cross dues paid out of the proceeds, the rest to go to the Red Cross society.