March 28, 1918 SCHOOL OPENS
The Board of Education, with the consent of the Local Board of Health, has decided to re-open the schools on Tuesday, April 9th. They have advised that in order to avoid all danger of the further spread of the epidemic of scarlet fever, it will be necessary to keep the schools closed for at last forty days. The board does not consider the situation serious enough to interfere to that extent with the school work.

In another article in this issue, appears a communication from the Local Board of Health in regard to reporting other contagious diseases. If every patron of the schools will observe the law therein set forth and co-operate with the authorities in every way the board believes that the matter can be controlled. If mild cases of Scarlet Fever are neglected, quarantining others, and closing the schools will have no effect in stamping out the epidemic. It will require the united effort of all to obtain results.

Some physicians recommend vaccination for scarlet fever and it is suggested by the board that this matter be investigated by the patrons who desire to send their children to school.

Board of Education.