February 21, 1918 BASKETBALL
Manning 26 Carroll 17

The Manning High School basketball team added another game to its string of victories defeating Carroll in one of the fastest and cleanest games of basketball ever witnessed in Manning. Having just, played a game at Coon Rapids Wednesday evening the Manning players entered the game in poor condition. This accounts for the slow progress of the team in starting its scoring machine in the early stages of the game. But once they began, their opponents were quickly passed and by the end of the first half Manning held the long end of a 19 to 10 score. The second half left the score unchanged as Manning held their 9 points lead to the finish. The team was somewhat handicapped this half as one of the regulars was faced to discontinue playing. The Manning team outclassed their opponents in teamwork while the Carroll five showed superiority in basket shooting. Galloway of Carroll shot two baskets that undoubtedly were the best ever witnessed by Manning fans. Sigel Overholt of Kirkman officiated and gave satisfaction to both teams.

Manning 17 Coon Rapids 19
The Manning High School basketball team lost its first game this season last Wednesday to Coon Rapids by a score of 19 to 17. This will undoubtedly give readers an impression of a close contest but it began almost in a walk away for Manning. In the first few minutes of play we scored at will and easily established a 4 point lead. Then a number of acts followed both by the referee, a Coon Rapids man, and players that could be questioned as to fairness. The game had been in progress only a short time when one of our opponents floored Dethlefs with an apparently intentional blow that left him unconscious for half an hour and unable to continue the game. Meyers was then taken out for personal fouls that were afterwards admitted a mistake as whom they should have been placed upon. The first half ended in an 8 to 4 lead for Manning. The second half was close and our substitute played an excellent game holding Coon Rapids to a tie and in five more minutes of play determined our defeat. Coon Rapids High School plays at Manning March 5th and the management is doing everything possible to promote a successful game. The game will he played at the Opera house, on an absolutely neutral floor with an outside referee. It will be under the supervision of the faculty managers of the respective schools and governed by rules of class sportsmanship so that we can point with pride to as a game on the square.

Manning Plays Audubon
Next Tuesday evening, February 26, at the Opera House, Manning will play basketball with Audubon High. The game promises to be both thrilling and exciting. Audubon has an excellent quintet, having defeated some of the best teams in this section of the state. The contest will be preceded by a girls interclass basketball game between the Sophomores and Juniors.
On account of new war tax on games the admission will be 30 cents. The M.H.S. team goes to Fort Dodge, Friday, the 22nd to gather if possible another trophy.

January 31, 1918 MANNING 10 GLIDDEN 9
One of the best games of basketball ever witnessed in Manning took place at the Opera House Thursday evening, January 24. It was a game played fast and clean. The teams were evenly matched and in the best of condition.
From the start a thrilling series of plays were started that reached the highest pitch just as the final whistle blew.
The first half was always in doubt, Glidden counting 3 baskets out of a possible 15 and Manning 3 out of 23. The half ended with a tie score of 6.
The second period began with a rush, undoubtedly the best and fastest exhibition of this game in Manning. Both teams fought with speed and cleverness but Manning gained a one point lead that was held for the balance of the game.

Our team remained undefeated this season. Games are to be played with Audubon, Carroll, Coon Rapids, Denison, Kirkman, Fort Dodge, and with Bayard, the coming Friday. This game will be called prompt at 7:30 p.m. so as to afford better train connections.

Friday evening the Bayard High School basketball team will play the Manning High School team at the Opera House. The Manning team last Friday night won from the Glidden team and is going in top form and at high speed. A real basketball battle is anticipated Friday evening.