January 17, 1918 MANNING HAS A PARK
The town of Manning is now the owner of the land occupied by the Joyce Lumber Company and the old depot grounds west of Main Street, having received a deed for the same a few days ago. The size of this piece of land is about 500 feet east and west and 400 feet north and south and contains about 191,000 square feet. The consideration paid was $6,690.30, which was raised by issuing Funding bonds in that amount at 5 1/2 percent interest. The first of these bonds are due in 1923 and the last in 1929.

The town expects to convert the land into a park and athletic ground, there being plenty of room for football, baseball, tennis etc. The town is to be congratulated and the members of the council commended for their good work in securing this land as Manning was in great need of a Park.