March 28, 1918 A NEW RECORD
Miss Clara Grau, teacher of Lincoln Township District No. 2 was in the city Saturday and reported to County Superintendent, Ella M. Stearns, that the pupils in her district had subscribed for $300 worth of Thrift Stamps and War Savings Certificates. She thought that Miss Stearns was the proper person to whom she was obliged to make the report and turn the money over to her. In this Miss Grau was mistaken and the County Superintendent directed her to J.H. Ross, of the Iowa Savings Bank who is county chairman of this Thrift Stamp Fund. She left the money with Mr. Ross, who in turn will issue the stamps and certificates to the proper persons. Miss Grau has certainly established a new record for work done in one school district and she and the patrons of the school are to be commended for the patriotic manner in which they have gotten under this important matter of furnishing money with which to carry on the war to a successful conclusion.
Audubon Republican

April 11, 1918
Miss Clara Grau reports that it was an error when it was published that she took the Thrift Stamp money subscribed by her pupils to the county superintendent of Audubon County. She simply went there to find out where the chairman of the board could be found. Miss Grau is one of Audubon County's best teachers and her school is to be congratulated for its excellent showing.