HIGH SCHOOL NOTES October 17, 1918
The Philadelphian Literary Society of Manning High School elected the following officers:
President Victor Schultz
Vice-president Ida Grelck
Secretary & Treasurer Margaret McCullough
Faculty adviser Miss Ethel Lewis
Company A the other literary society chose for its officers:
Captain Viola Horn
Lieutenant Arthur Curtis
Clerk Captolia Hinrichs
Faculty adviser Miss Leila Wassom
It is the purpose of each society to give a program each month in the high school auditorium. The first program will be given by Company A, October 31, at 3 P.M. The Phidelphian Society will present its first program November 14.
In addition to the productions by the literary societies six public entertainments have been arranged for the school year. During the first semester the plans have been made for the declamatory contest, a joint literary society program and the Junior Class Play, followed, in the second semester, by a second joint literary society program, the Senior Class Play and a May Day Fete on the lawn.
At 2:30 Friday afternoon, October 11, the junior and senior high schools met in the new auditorium for the purpose of celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of America, Columbus Day, or Liberty Day, as our President wishes us to call it this year. The following program was rendered:-Introductory words Superintendent R.D. Barr "The Star Spangled Banner" Students Reading The Heroism of Columbus Eula Sweger
Patriotic Songs - Students,
Folk Dance, Green Sleeves High school girls.
Address - The American, the modern Crusader Orrin W. Emmons.
Flag drill - High School Girls.