In Memory of Pearl George
January 17, 1925 - August 9, 2017

1941 Homecoming Manning vs Coon Rapids

Maxine Bauer, Joy Moore, Pearl Armstrong

1942 MHS graduates: Pearl Armstrong, Vera Bald, Maxine Bauer (valedictorian), Agnes Blum, Jeanne Bohnsack, Robert Bonnesen, Sheldon Book, Norene Fairchild, Ellen Fielweber, Phyllis Firth, Willis Grimm, Ludwig Hammer, Herbert Hansen, Wayne Hargens, Lee Himes, Letha Joens, Phyllis Joens, Donna Keat, Calvin Kruse, Robert Kuhl, Margaret Lake, William Meggers, LaVerne Meyer (salutatorian), Marilyn Mohr, Beatrice Joy Moore, George Musfeldt, Melvin Nissen, Orlo Nissen, Marian Ohrt, Donald Petersen, Phyllis Pfoltner, James Rowedder, Jack Scanlan, Virgene Schacht, Donald Schroeder, Dorothea Schrum, Leona Schrum, Geraldine Siem, Shirley Stahl, Joyce Strathman, Maurine Wegner, Dorothy Welch, Marilyn Whiting, Pat Wood

1942 former students: Pearl Anthony, Rhea Jean Bingham, Ruth Bingham, Wava Bingham, Carl Carlson, Harold Christie, Bonnie Cole, Ronnie Cole, Lila Dalgety, June Doyle, Warren Farrell, Edna Flenker, Edward Free, Mildred Grummer, Virgil Hagedorn, Leroy Koester, Velma Lohmeier, Berthelene Meyer, Eveyln Meyer, Emmett Mitchell, Richard Pare, Joan Paysen, Yvonne Puck, Jack Ramsey, Dorothy Ruhde, Kenneth Schroeder, Norman Schroeder, Lyle Sievers, Marita Signall, Olga Soll, Janice Stoelk, Dorothy Weinhart, Pheby Wiley

9th grade graduation
Back: Marilyn Mohr, George Musfeldt, Dorothy Welch, Marian Ohrt, Melvin Kusel, Vera Bald, Melvin Nissen, Herbert Hansen, Orlo Nissen, Margaret Lake
Third: Pat Wood, Phyllis Pfoltner, Ellen Fielweber, Shirley Stahl, Jim Rowedder, Donna Keat, Virgene Schacht, Agnes Blum, Calvin Kruse, Leona Schrum, Jack Scanlan, Joy Moore, Bill Campbell
Second: Don Petersen, Edna Flenker, Evelyn Meyer, Lila Dalgety, Phyllis Firth, Don Schroeder, Joyce Strathman, Wayne Hargens, Jerry Siem, Ludwig Hammer, Janice Stoelk, Berthelene Meyer, Maurine Wegner, Dorothea Schrum
Front: Jeanne Bohnsack, Bobby Kuhl, Virgene Rohr, Carl Carlson, LaVerne Meyer, Jack Ramsey, Pearl Armstrong, Sheldon Book, Letha Joens, Bob Bonnesen, Phyllis Joens, Lee Himes, Norene Fairchild

May 25, 1939 Spotlite
9th Grade To Hold Commencement

A custom that has been observed for the past few years and one which meets the enthusiastic approval of the junior high students, is the custom of holding a ninth grade commencement program in observance of their transfer to the senior high building next fall.
This commencement program is to be held Friday evening, May 26th at 8 o'clock at the junior high auditorium. The following program will be given:
Ball Game
Take Me Out to the Ball Park, Class
Our Team, James Rowedder
Batting Practice, Marian Ohrt
Casey at the Bat, Donna Mae Keat
Foul Ball, John R. Hansen
Annie Laurie, Jr. High Chorus
Eighth Inning, Marilyn Mohr
Victory in Sight, Jack Scanlan
Bases Full and Three to go, James Rowedder (key presented)
Batter Up, Bernice Behrens
Strike Out, La Verne Meyer
Safe at Home (diplomas) Henry Hoffmann
Thanks for Everything, Class
The class motto is "The greater the obstacle the more glory in over-coming it."
Class flower: Lily of the Valley.
Class colors: blue and gold.
Class Officers
James Rowedder, President
Jean Bohnsack, Vice-president
Lee Himes. Secretary/Treasurer
Class Roll: Pearl Armstrong, Vera Bald, Agnes Blum, Jean Bohnsack, Robert Bonnesen, Sheldon Book, Carl Carlson, Harold Christie, Lila Dalgety, Norene Fairchild, Warren Farrell, Ellen Fielweber, Phyllis Firth, Edna Flenker, Willis Grimm, Ludwig Hammer, Herbert Hansen, Wayne Hargens, Lee Himes, Letha Joens, Phyllis Joens, Donna Mae Keat, Robert Kuhl, Melvin Kusel, Margaret Lake, William Meggers, Berthelene Meyer, Evelyn Meyer, LaVerne Meyer, Marilyn Mohr, Joy Moore, George Musfeldt, Melvin Nissen, Orlo Nissen, Marian Ohrt, Donald Petersen, Phyllis Pfoltner, Yvonne Puck, Jack Ramsey, James Rowedder, Jack Scanlan, Virgene Schacht, Donald Schroeder, Dorothea Schrum, Leona Schrum, Geraldine Siem, Shirley Stahl, Janice Stoelk, Joyce Strathman, Maurine Wegner, Dorothy Welch, Patricia Wood.
Carl Carlson leaves his dopey laugh to Ray Schrum.
Dorothy Welch leaves her beautiful hair to Mary McGrath.
Wayne Hargens leaves his continual grin to Dale Mohr.
LaVerne Meyers wills her athletic ability to Lila Ranniger.
Bob Kuhl leaves his Algebra paper to Jim Ansorge.
Donald Schrum wills his plumpness to Sam Wiese.
Berthelene Meyer wills her golden hair to Melvin Reinart.
Dorothea Schrum leaves her facial expressions to Harold Juels.
Jack Scanlan leaves his Clark Gable appearance to Donald Joens.
Leona Schrum leaves her mighty sneeze to Marvel Firth.
Phyllis Joens wills her boyfriend to Eleanor Sutherland.
Jean Bohnsack wills her lipstick to Dorothy Ruhde.
Lila Dalgety leaves her husky voice to Myna Nissen.
Harold Christie wills his hair to Margaret Himes.
Vera Bald leaves her daintiness to Virginia Livingston.
Pearl Armstrong leaves her house parties to Mary Barsby.
Edna Flenker leaves her beautiful locks to Edna Mae Juels.
Marilyn Mohr wills her cosmetics to Margie Struve.
Willis Grimm wills his mighty height to Lawrence Nickum.
Jack Ramsey leaves his tall, dark and handsomeness to Vincent Lyden.
Herbert Hansen leaves his blushing to "Schoolboy" Miller.
Gerry Siem leaves her tap dancing to Lyle "Junior" Schrum, Lucille Kuhl, Bernice Behrens and Shirley Bailey.
THE END OF SCHOOL YEAR May 26th is the end of a very long school term. This week we will have to work hard to let the teachers know that we appreciate school. We had better study good and hard so we can pass all examinations.
Friday the 26th we will come back for our report cards. This will tell us the story.
So come on kids, let's show them that we can work and pass our tests.
Dorothea Schrum.
Well kids, it's almost time to say "Goodbye" to this dear old school house. But remember all the good times we had here. Ludwig Hammer said he just had oodles of fun this year, especially after school writing essays. George Musfeldt wishes he would have stayed in country school so he could watch the Ford go by. Bernice Behrens made money during the school year by getting money for every "A" and thinks that now she will have to do some good hard working to buy her "all-day" sucker. James "Bud" Schrum says he is going to continue to be lazy and when anybody asks him what he thinks of this school year he replied "I'm tired." Well anyway we'll see you all next year!
Lucille Kuhl
Al last the week is drawing near where our paper is coming to a close. I have enjoyed my work very much during the year and have tried to do my best. We want to thank the Monitor for their space, the pupils who have helped to make our paper possible and the teachers and our sponsor, Mr. Edward Lynn. I am hoping and want to enthuse the Junior High of next year to improve our news edition. I want to give my best wishes for the paper staffs that will follow.
Marilyn Mohr.
We want to make the correction, that Bernice Behrens and Vergene Bohnsack's names were omitted as feature writers on our staff.
Marilyn Mohr.
On June 4, 5, 6, Mr. Harold Turpin is going to Ames to the Bandmaster's convention. He will play bass clarinet in the Bandmasters Band. After Children's Day he is taking his family to Decorah for a week. The rest of the summer he will be here keeping our band in good shape and giving lessons and having rehearsals.
La Verne Myer
Mr. John D. Hall hasn't made any definite plans on what he is going to do during his summer vacation. For the past few summers he has spent his time working as a coach and Manual Training teacher. When he plans what he will do with his vacation we all hope he has a grand time.
LaVon Farrell.
Oh boy! Vacation date, May 26. Teachers as well as students like the closing of school. They like to go on trips and do other things, but Miss Sylvia Waugh has decided that she will take a short course in Grinnell. Her work will be mostly of social science.
Marjorie Struve
Mr. Edward Lynn plans to spend a good part of the summer (8 weeks) in summer school at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, towards completing a Master's degree in the College of Education.
Shirley Bailey.
Miss Rosemary Gleason plans to spend most of the summer in her home town, Spencer. There she will work in the light of the fire. She might also take a short vacation. It's none of my business but why do teachers always work or go to summer school during vacation. I wouldn't, enough is enough.
Evelyn Godiksen.
This summer Miss Leone Sumner is going to work at West Okoboji in Camp Hiawatha. Her position is as the hostess. She will take the position June 4 and stay all summer. The camp is a private one and she will take care of rentals, etc. She said she would, like advantages of lake life, although she can't swim.
Donna Ruhde.
After asking Mr. Amos Lee what he planned to do on his vacation, he gave me a very definite reply. It seems that he is going out for golf. He shall, also, catch up on his reading which he has neglected during the school year. After going over it all he is going to do a little fishing. He has promised his girls that he would take them up to the lake so there is no doubt that he is going.
Ray Schrum
William B. Campbell, the Agricultural teacher is a good boy because he is going to stay home and take care of his hogs, sheep, and the rest of, the animals. He says he is going to stay in Manning for summer vacation. He has much work to do. He must take care of his F.F.A. meetings and everything in the line of agriculture. So let's make his work easy and keep him comfortable.
Willis Grimm.
Mr. Gordon Winlock is going to Fort Snelling, Minnesota, for active duty with the regular army from June 13 to July 1st. From then on he will go to different places. The students all hope he has an enjoyable vacation.
Willis Grimm.
During the last two weeks the ninth grade has met to organize for graduation exercises which is May 26 at 8:00. We divided the class into several committees. Some of the committees are the Program, the Poster which makes posters; the Decoration which will put up the decorations needed; the Property, the committee which collects things needed. We also began to sing and practice our class songs.
Marian Ohrt.

October 20, 1938 THE SCOOP

The Junior High Pep Squad met Tuesday night after school with forty-four members present. The officers were chosen as follows: Pearl Armstrong, president; Jimmy Ansorge, as vice president and Marilyn Mohr, secretary-treasurer. Geraldine Siem was chosen as chairman of the constitution committee. The entire group plans to be present at our Coon Rapids-Manning Jr. High game Thursday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock.

November 3, 1938

The operetta which took place Tuesday evening was a grand success in spite of the rain which fell shortly before the program started.
The colonial dancers were Junior High student: Jean Bohnsack, Lila Dalegety, Phyllis Firth, Pat Wood, Edna Flenker and Pearl Armstrong. They were dressed and had their hair fixed like the rich colonists that first came to settle in the United States.
We also had very good dancers doing the Big Apple. Two Junior High students were used for this. They were Robert Kuhl and James Rowedder.

Back: Pearl Armstrong, Donna Keat, Margaret Lake
Front: Evelyn Meyer, Joy Moore, Virginia Vandeman, Norene Fairchild, ??


In Algebra we are adding, subtracting and multiplying radicals.
The girls in speech class are giving three minute speeches. Last Friday afternoon Marilyn Mohr, Dorothy Welch, Jay Moore, Marian Ohrt, Ellen Fielweber, Agnes Blum, Lila Dalgety and Pearl Armstrong gave their speeches in front of the assembly.
In English we are learning how to shop correctly.
In music some of the ninth grade girls have joined the glee club.
In Civics we have two projects which we are working on. One is to mark the judicial circuits of the United States and to mark all cities with a population of 100,000. The other is to make a map of the World, name all the countries and their capitols.

May 2, 1940 Spotlite

At right are Clarice Keat and George Pfoltner, crowned Queen and King respectively at the annual Junior-Senior Banquet held at the high school auditorium Tuesday evening.
The theme of the banquet was "Moor Dreams". Overhead was a canopy of aqua in solid color dotted with stars and streamers. The floor was enclosed with streamers of aqua and peach, the senior colors. A large half moon shown from the balcony. Three draped entrances, in the same color theme gave access to the floor. A large silver star shown over the main entrance and smaller ones were in the others.
One hundred and twenty-eight students, faculty members and guests were served by candle light. The table service was in white and the foursome tables were centered with white tapers. Red roses were favors.
Acting as a reception committee were Louise Kuhl, Junior Class president and Warren Petersen, vice president.
Waiters were sophomore girls and boys: Dorothea Schrum, Maurine Wegner, Joyce Strathman, Pearl Armstrong, Jean Bohnsack, Edna Flenker, Virgene Rohr, Phyllis Pfoltner, Jim Rowedder, Bob Kuhl, Jack Scanlan, Lee Himes, Willis Grimm, Bob Bonnesen, Sheldon Book, Bill Meggers.
The girls wore white ensembles with peach capes lined with white and trimmed in cellophane strips. Peach half moons nestled in their hair. The boys wore white with black bow ties.
Checkroom girls were Pat Wood and Jerry Siem.
Mothers of the Junior class members prepared the food. Mrs. Harry Hoffmann was Kitchen chairman and Mrs. R.H. Kuhl assistant. The dining room was in charge of Mrs. Albert Dietz and Mrs. Jay Bingham, assistant.
Miss Loetta Curran is Junior class sponsor.
Viola Rostermundt was in charge of the program with Lyle Hoffmann acting as master of ceremonies. The program was as follows:
"The Call of the Moon," Louise Kuhl.
"Dream Awhile", Naomi Ross, Sr. class president.
"Moonglow," Ruth Schelldorf, vocal solo.
"Second only to the Sun," Edward P. Lynn.
"Highest Stars", Crowning of King and Queen by Betty Grelck.
"Phases of the Moon", class will, Leola Keat.
"Sprites From the Moon" tap dance by Joyce Hunter and Jerry Siem.
"Moon Struck", Pantomime by the juniors.
"Moon Love", duet, Norma Dietz, Bob Ramsey.
"Moon Dreams" prophecy by Viola Rostermundt.
Accompaniments were played by Miss Leone Sumner.
Pete Kuhl's orchestra played during the banquet and for the dance which followed the program.

May 23, 1940 Spotlite

Pep Squad
First year, megaphones: Pearl Armstrong, Vergene Bohnsack, Mary Campbell, Leola Fairchild, Norene Fairchild, Ellen Fielweber, Jean Firth, Phyllis Firth, Edna Flenker, Joyce Hunter, Viola Joens, Helen Kampen, Clarice Keat, Donna Keat, Leola Keat, Lorraine Kuhl, Marjorie Kuhn, Rozora Kuhn, Deloris Kuhse, LaVerne Meyer, Joy Moore, Alice Musfeldt, Arlene Niehaus, Bonnie Niehaus, Phyllis Pfoltner, Vergene Rohr, Naomi Ross, Virgene Schacht, Dorothea Schrum, Gerry Siem, Shirley Stahl, Betty Steen, Velma Steen, Virginia Vandeman, Dorothy Welch, Dale Bingham, Roger Eich, Merlin Hargens, LeRoy Hass, Lee Himes, Kenneth Keat, Robert Kuhse, Daryl Mohr, Dean Noble, Roy Struve, Jack Scanlan, LaVerne Schroeder.
Second year, stripes - Donavieve Anderson, Norma Dietz, Ermyle Fielweber, Anetha Graves, Norma Claire Keairnes, Louise Kuhl, Pat Lawbaugh, Margaret Mentzer, Maxine Nickum, Viola Rostermundt, Jean Schrum.

May 29, 1941 Spotlite
Students Receive Honors Award Day

Annual Award Day activities were held. Friday afternoon at the high school when awards were given students for participation in various activities and outstanding attainment.
Junior Awards, Order of Artistic Typists Certificates: Helen Kampen, Ellen Fielweber, Pauline Cramer, Marian Ohrt, Agnes Blum, Phyllis Joens, Jeanne Bohnsack, Donna Keat, Vera Bald, Shirley Stahl, Phyllis Firth, Gerry Siem, Marjorie Kuhn, Melvin Kusel, Joyce Strathman, Velma Steen, Bill Meggers, Donald Schroeder, Robert Kuhl, Jimmie Rowedder, Marilyn Whiting, Pat Wood, Bob Bonnesen, Pearl Armstrong, Jack Scanlan, Dorothy Welch, Edna Flenker, Orlo Nissen, Berthelene Meyer, Lee Himes, Margaret Lake, Herbert Hansen, Wayne Hargens, Alice Musfeldt, Sheldon Book, Ludwig Hammer, Mary Campbell, Evelyn Meyer, Dorothy Ehrichs, Willis Grimm, Jack Ramsey, Calvin Kruse, Leona Schrum, Donald Petersen.
Special Award: Pen, Jim Rowedder.
Order of Gregg Artists Membership Certificates: Jeanne Bohnsack, Vera Bald, Ellen Fielweber, Louise Kuhl, Phyllis Firth, Gerry Siem, Marilyn Whiting, Margaret Lake, Marian Ohrt, Dorothy Welch, Leona Schrum, Shirley Stahl, Donna Keat.
Special Award: Marilyn Whiting
60-Word Certificates: Phyllis Firth, Marian Ohrt, Dorothy Welch, Louise Kuhl, Marilyn Whiting, Leona Schrum, Margaret Lake, Harold Neal, Donald Schroeder, Donna Keat, Ellen Fielweber, Shirley Stahl, Vera Bald, Jeanne Bohnsack, Patricia Wood, Gerry Siem.
80-Word Certificates: Louise Kuhl, Marian Ohrt.

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