"Battle Hymn Of The Republic" US Army Band

In Memory of Ervin Bauer
March 28, 1931 - October 27, 2017

Erv on left training with his M1 on a tripod - instructor on right

I was drafted September 15, 1952, and was to report to the Burk hotel in Carroll, Iowa. This is where I met with nine other men who were to be drafted in the army.
From the Burk hotel, we were put on a bus and taken to an induction center in Omaha, Nebraska. We were in Omaha for a while, and then put onto another bus and taken to a reception center at Camp Crowder, Missouri. There, we were issued our army clothes and given a short haircut. After a few days there, we were all split up and I was sent to Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky, where I took sixteen weeks of basic training. After my training, I got a ten day pass and spent time with my parents and friends.
On February 17, 1953, I was put on a ship and sailed to Germany. We arrived on March 2, 1953. I was assigned to the 7th Army, 45th Anti-Aircraft Artillery battalion, Company B at Kaiserslautern, Germany.
I was promoted to corporal February 26, 1954, and received the Occupational medal, and the National Defense Service medal. I was a truck driver with Battalion Battery A, and was honorably discharged on September 1, 1954 at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois.

Ervin Bauer