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Taken from the 2006 Manning Quasqui history book

Back: Sean, Dick M. Front: Dick L., Madison, Milo

Records show that in the late sixteen hundreds the Clarks were farmers or in agricultural business. They began moving west from New York and New Jersey to Indiana and Ohio in about 1690. One prominent family member was Abraham Clark (February 15, 1726, to September 15, 1794). He became a surveyor and a lawyer because he was not able to do heavy farm work. Abraham voted for and signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Most of the Clarks moved to Ohio between the years of 1790 to 1845, and one by one they came to Tama County, Iowa, near the town of Montour. In 1870 George Clark (October 21, 1846 to August 20, 1925) came from Tama County to the area now known as Jefferson Township in Shelby County. In the next ten years George, four brothers and two sisters would move to the area. Nathaniel came about 1875. The following year there was talk of the Milwaukee Railroad line coming through this area. George and Nathaniel wrote back home to Montour, telling their brothers they could get jobs that would pay their way west. Ed got a job with the survey crew and settled in the area in 1879. Bill came west with the grading crew in 1880 and settled in the area with his brothers. In 1881 the youngest brother Joe L. Clark, 19 years old, rode the train from Montour to Perry, where he bought a horse and rode it to Dedham. He became a butcher for the Milwaukee Railroad and was living in the area when Manning became a town. He used the money he made working for the railroad to purchase 40 acres of land in Jefferson Township for $200. This land was near his brothers' and sisters' land.

Joe married Ethel Iowa Shannon May 27, 1888. She was born in Mahaska County, Iowa. The Shannons had migrated from Ohio in the early 1800s and in the late 1800s moved west to Shelby County, Iowa. Joe and Ethel's five children were born and raised in Jefferson Township. Their youngest son was Milo B. Clark.

Milo owned land and had a purebred Angus cattle herd one mile west of the town of Botna. Milo and his wife Helen Lichty had three children: Dick, Sue, and Lynn, all graduates of Manning High School. The oldest son Dick and his wife, Lavonne (married December 31, 1952) continue to live on this farm. When Dick was discharged from the army in 1954 they moved back to this farm where they raised three sons, Dick, Dan and Joe.

Dick lives with his wife, Angel in Creston, Iowa, where he is a teacher and coach. They are parents of two sons, Sean and Sonny, both graduates of Manning High School in 1996 and 1998, respectively. Sean and his wife, Robin (Hinners) live in Manning along with their daughter, Madison and son, Noah. Dan farms the home place, and Joe works for Felco Land O' Lakes and lives in Sibley, Iowa, with his wife, Nancy, and daughters, Haley, Brianna and Kendra.

There have been members of this Clark family living in Manning or on farms in the rural area for the past 125 years. The building of the railroad helped the Clarks and other pioneer families earn wages, buy land, and start prosperous businesses.