I continue to scan the Fischer collection and add more pictures further below - George, Eddie, and Lucy.
Like all families the branches expand in all different directions. Their mother was a Jensen, George married Hilda Hansen, and Lucy married Elmer Schelldorf.

Alma, Hilda, & Lillie

Elmer & Lucy Schelldorf with their son, Art.

The first thing I worked on were the obituaries I found in the collection. I've added several Hansen, Pruter and Miller obits to my Memorial web page.
You can see the names added under the "Recently Added" section.

Like so many early pioneer families in Manning the Fischer and Schelldorf names have disappeared from this area.

Eddie, Lucy, George
From the 1981 Manning Centennial book: The Manning Motor Company originated in 1934, when Arthur and Lawrence Bock purchased the Chevrolet agency from Fred Petersen.
They were first located in Petersen's old building as 715 Third Street which has since been replaced by city hall.
In 1935, the firm moved to 419 Main Street the building now occupied by the Struve Motor Company. Another move was made in 1947, to the former Gotch Garage at 413 Main Street. This building is now occupied by the Schulte Barber Shop.
In 1948, the company erected a new brick building at 503 Main Street. In the early 1960's, the business expanded into the building adjoining it to the south, which had at various times housed a livery barn, blacksmith shop, hotel, and hatcheries.
Manning Motor again expanded in 1979, when the company purchased the former Klean Klose business across the street to the north. The building was razed, and the site was made into an Manning Motor Co. open display area. In December, 1979, Manning Motor purchased the former tavern to its west, which has now been made into the firm's parts room. A dust-proof paint shop was also added at this time.
George Fischer began employment with Art Bock in 1935, and his brother Eddie Fischer joined the work force in 1937. In 1959, the firm was incorporated and stock was sold to the Fischer brothers. January 1, 1966, they became the sole owners and have since that time enjoyed a good relationship with the people of the Manning community and also with their employees. As of April 1981, Manning Motor had a work force of 11.

George Fischer's first car

Peter & Margaret (Sierks) Hansen 1923

It is pictures like this one above that are really special and what I'm always looking for - especially when they are indentified. These are the pioneers of our community and a very special part of our history.

Standing: Bobby Messick, George Gordon
Seated: Eddie Fischer, Russ Wallace, Pete Kuhl, Earl Roberts, Louie Subbert, Leo Daeges, Don McNutt

I've scanned other prints of the above picture but decided to scan the one in the Fischer collection, too. I made a much higher resolution scan of it and saved it as a TIF format. I also retained the sepia tone, whereas I scanned the previous prints in gray scale. This is why I like to go through people's collections myself. I may find a better print or one that has less damage or deterioration like the next example below.

Pete Kuhl swing band - Soldier, Iowa: George Fischer, Pete Kuhl, Ed Callon, Bonita (Kuhl) Hagedorn
The two images above are scans I made from 2 different original Kodak prints. The top one has deteriorated and faded. I have noticed that Kodak pictures from this era are losing their colors and fading.
Why the second image which I scanned a few years ago from another Kodak print held its colors better - is a mystery to me. It may be that the faded one was exposed to light and the one with better colors was not exposed to light.

1958 neighbors who all celebrated their 50th anniversaries
they lived across from or near the Catholic Church along Sue Street
Couples left to right: Henry & Anna Fischer, John & Ida (Puck) Struve, Julius & Emma Musfeldt, Lloyd & Elfrieda Rix, Otto & Minnie Hagedorn.

Old farm home of Henry Fischer - Henry & Anna (Jansen) Fischer in the picture
Today this is the Glenn & Shirley (Karsten) Ahrendsen farm 1131 Bluebird Avenue

George Fischer confirmation 1925

I often find pictures like this where the person is holding a book or certificate but nothing is written on back of the picture. Fortunately a family member had written on back of most of the Fischer pictures.

Merlin & Muriel Kunkel and Jim, Jane, Julie, Jean

Robert & Ruth Hansen

Back: Craig, Barb, Dave, Jean, Gary
Front: Robert, Colleen, Ruth (Kanning)

George & Hilda (Hansen) Fischer 69 April Street

Lillie Hansen circa 1974

George Fischer 5th from left in front row

Bud & Elsie McMahon 50th 1973

1957 Pete Kuhl dance band

Ralph Grundmeier, Bonita Hagedorn, Gary Schroeder, Pete Kuhl, George Fischer

60 years later
Gary Schroeder plays "Baby Face" - talks briefly about the Pete Kuhl Band May 13, 2017.
Click to see Gary

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