In 1981, Orval Fink approached me about showing the many and various videos I had been taking since 1979 and showing them on the brand new local cable system.
I had no experience with TV broadcasting but was excited about learning.
As time went by I started to seek volunteers to help, and Marilyn was one of them. While attending Iowa State, she participated in theatrics, stage, and TV productions. Since she was involved in lots of community plays, I figured she was not camera shy and performing in front of the public...and perform she did.
One of the more popular series we showed on Channel 2 was Manning Heritage, where we would video tape Senior Citizens of Manning. I would then over-dub old pictures in the video where they were talking about a relative or location.
I now wish we would have had a production staff, so Marilyn would have had some of the questions and subject matter ahead of time before interviewing the seniors, but she was amazing at winging it as we went.
One thing that helped is Marilyn was very knowledgeable with Manning area history. Even though she was 20 and 30 years younger than the interviewees, she could carry on the conversation because she was familiar with a lot of the subject matter the seniors discussed.

I asked her one time why she knew so much Manning history and especially family history and she told me that while other cousins of her age would go out and play at family gatherings, Marilyn would sit with the adults and listen to their stories, and fortunately she remembered a lot of those things.

Below is a picture taken at the VFW hall. I was busy in the fields so I asked Gerald Beck to fill in with the video camera.

During the 10-year period of filming for Channel 2, I had around 200 total the height of the period, I had around 125 volunteers who ranged from 12 years old to 80.

1983 Marilyn interviewing a VFW official, with Gerald Beck using my portable VCR and camera to record the event.
I believe that is Donny Beck on the right