October 20, 1949 MHS Spotlite
A Department of The Monitor Devoted to Public School Activities and Prepared by Journalism Students of Manning.

Editor, Shirley Ohrt
Co-Editor Ardella Frahm
Sophomore Editor, Ruth Schmidt
Commercial, Phyllis Musfeldt
Vocal, Marjorie Rowedder
Junior Editor, Joann Wilhelm
Senior Editor, Sue Ann Clark
Band, Phyllis Jensen
FFA, Leland Kienast
Cartoonist, Marilyn Popp
Exchange Editor, Rose Ann Muhlbauer
Sports, Orrin Kuhn
Typists: Ardella Singsank, Marilyn Gruhn, Sally Schrum, Beverly Ruhde
Which of the magazines in school interests you most and why do you like it?
Rosemary Hinz: I like all of them. My two favorites are "Mercury" and "Life." "Mercury has small but Interesting articles in it although a few of them are rather hard to understand. Mr. McGrath, our English teacher, says that "Life" is popular for the cover, but it has very good articles in it too.
Vernon Godiksen: I like "Life" the best, because of its interesting article as well as pictures.
Marilyn Popp: I prefer "Life" of the magazines in the assembly, because of is picture stories. However, I think that the magazines in the English room are interesting and educational. Two of the most outstanding of this group are the "Atlantic Monthly" and the "Saturday Review of Literature." These two magazines review books and feature articles by the best literary artists of our time.
Lynn Rix: There are a lot of magazines from which to choose. I would say that the students have a 'lot of research material. I like "Life" perhaps the best of any of them. From it students can obtain nearly any type of material for any assignment from the teachers. A few of the interesting fields covered by "Life" are the news field entitled "The Week's Events," music, art, fashions, animals, modern living, developments of science, and the medical world." Life" also has splendid pictures and is a magazine that should be read by all.
Ethel Leinen: I like the "Life" magazine because it has fashions, science, and current events from all corners of the earth. It also has interesting pictures. By Ardella Frahm.
Driving Gets Under Way
Have you seen a car go "jerking" down the street lately, a white one with that "Drivers Training Car" sign on it? Yes, the students are out practicing driving now.
The written test was passed by all members and driving permits have been issued.
The young drivers are having quite a time stopping going up those steep hills and getting started again (the "thing" always does the wrong thing). Backing isn't too easy for some either, but everyone seems to be getting better. The next try will be parking on Main Street, so "Beware"!
Here's hoping all get their license after the training is over and as a whole gain valuable experience from the course.
Quill & Scroll Was Organized
Election of officers was held at the first meeting of Quill & Scroll. Marilyn Popp was elected president, Marjorie Rowedder, vice president, and Ethel Leinen, secretary-treasurer. After the meeting the group enjoyed games and lunch was served. By Sue Ann Clark.
Do you value your life? Well, then, are you a safe driver? Usually the people who try to be the safe drivers and consider others are injured, because there are some that are just plain "roadhogs." They expect others to stop and get out of their way or else they will "mow" you down. Let's try to be more careful and help everybody live longer by cutting down on speed, observe all traffic regulations, and by using hand signals.
So, after this, Stop-Look-Listen and don't end up like the following ten little motorists.
Ten little autos,
road and weather fine;
one hit culvert
then there were nine.
Nine little autos, one a little late;
driver struck a railroad train
then there were eight.
Eight little autos
but one went to heaven
running through stop light
then there were seven.
Seven little autos
speeding through the sticks;
one skidded off the road
then there were six.
Six little autos
till one took a dive
through on open drawbridge
then there were five.
Five little autos,
one with rattling door;
driver tried to shut it
then there were four.
Four little autos,
one climbed a tree,
but didn't do it very well
so that left only three.
Three little autos,
one driver was a "stew"
loaded up on Highballs
that left only two.
Two little autos,
tried to beat the gun
when the warning signal flashed
then there was one.
One little auto
around the corner tore;
hit a truck
that's all there is;
there isn't any more!
By Shirley Ohrt.
Lynn Rix is a 6''4" senior with hazel eyes and blonde hair. He is taking the general course in school. When asked about his favorite subject, he replied, "I like physics best, because it is a very practical course and is used in nearly every field or vocation a student may enter. I am especially interested, because I like mechanical sciences." Lynn's hobby is photography and he is appropriately called "the roving photographer of Manning high." After graduation he plans on joining the services or getting a job at some place other than Manning. The best of luck to you, Lynn!
Meet Phyllis Musfeldt, a 5'6" senior with blue eyes and dark brown hair. Phyllis is taking the commercial course in school, but her favorite subject is English. Phyllis says, "I am especially interested in English, because it will be a great help in college." Keeping a scrapbook of school events is her hobby, and she participates in many of the school affairs. After graduation she IS very much interested in attending college. God luck, Phyllis, and continue your good work.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Greetings to: Sue Ann Clark, October 13.
Weekly Puzzle:
What was the name of the President twenty-five years ago? Truman, he hasn't changed it.
Mary swallowed her little watch, Now the watch is gone.
Mary walks along the street, Time marches on!
Girls usually have their hair fixed on Friday nights so that they look well over the weekend.
For hours I sat behind her hat, and pictured her a queen uncrowned,
The kind of Miss you long to kiss,
Oh, why did she have to turn around?
"Could you give a poor fellow a bite?" asked a dust-stained tramp.
"I don't bite myself," answered the lady of the house, But I'll call the dog."
Employed: What was your last job?
Merlin Nulle: Stuffing a silo. Employer: And why did you quit?
Merlin: The silo was full.
Phyllis Musfeldt: "How do you like my new hat, Marjorie
Marjorie Rowedder: "Ah, It looks lively, dearie, but it does make your face look kinda shabby."
Gondolier He isn't gondolier at me like that and get away with it.
Pilfer, Mother has a pilfer me every night.
Enclosure, You're a knockout in a bathing suit, but enclosure not so good.
Pencil, If I don't get a pin soon, my pencil fall down.
Rock-a-bye, Senior, on the tree top,
As long as you study, your grades will not drop.
But if you stop digging, your standing will fall,
Down will come Senior, diploma, and all.
Entertained By Happy Al Bell
The Manning grade and high schools were entertained Friday afternoon, October 14, by "Happy Al" Bell in the high school auditorium.
This past summer, Happy and his family took a trip along the Alcan Highway in Canada with their station wagon. He told the students many of their interesting experiences and presented a movie which he titled "Along the Alcan Highway." This movie, which especially featured wild life, was filmed by Happy himself.
By Joann Wilhelm.
Coming Up
October 21 Scranton football game, there.
October 24 Junior high football game, there.
October 25 Music (assembly program from University of Kansas).
October 26 Adult night school.
Sophomores: Genelle Kruse
Juniors: Phyllis Jensen, Carole Ruth Schmidt, Deanes Rowedder. Jean Petersen, Stanley Frahm.
Seniors: Ethel Leinen, Phyllis Musfeldt, Marilyn Popp.
The seniors have picked the style of their graduation announcements and name cards. They chose one of three styles which were selected by a committee after reviewing several different patterns. However, these announcements will be ordered at a later date.
We haven't a floor but we have a Sander.
We haven't a sea but we have a Lake.
We haven't a lantern but we, have a Lamp.
We haven't any Coca Cola but we have Popp.
We haven't a Hershey but we have a Clark.
We haven't any chimes but we have some Boells.
We haven't a Washington but we have a Jackson.
We haven't pliers but we have a Hammer.
We haven't a sickle but we have a Mohr.
We haven't blue but we have Gray.
We haven't a wolf but we have a Kuhn.
We haven't a playhouse but we have a Niehaus.
We haven't a bin but we have a Tank.
We haven't a hunter but we have a Fischer.