December 2, 1948 Spotlite
Play Cast Gave Director Gift At Tuesday's Show
Juniors Presented "Old Home Town" Before Large Crowd

The junior class play, "Old HomeTown," in the auditorium last Tuesday evening, was attended by a large crowd.

Before the play, the cast presented a gift to Joe H. McGrath, who coached them. Musical numbers between acts were presented by Robert Hansen, who played a cornet solo; Adele Gray, a trombone solo: and by a brass quartet composed of Bob Hansen, Dick Zerwas, Deanes Rowedder, and Stanley Frahm.

The play told a story of a typical middleclass family, their trials and joys. Henry Irving, a small town druggist, was played by Richard Mincey. His wife was played by Ardella Frahm. Dean Vollstedt took the part of their son, and Rose Ann Muhlbauer, their daughter.

John Pratt was Henry's bachelor brother; Marjorie Rowedder, the neighbor girl; Charles Fielweber, the daughter's sweetheart, and Marilyn Popp, the banker's daughter.