March 17, 1949 Spotlite
Musicians Get Nine Firsts, 11 Seconds

Vocal and instrumental students of Manning high school who competed for district honors at Audubon Saturday were awarded nine first division places and eleven seconds during the day's activities. Both soloists and groups shared in the honors, which follow:
Vocalists I Division (Esther Stryzewski, director)
Girls' trio: Marjorie Kienapfel, Rose Ann Rix, Lois Wilhelm.

Mixed quartet: Marjorie Kienapfel, Rose Ann Rix, Deanes Rowedder and Lynn Rix.

Madrigal group: Mary Jane Grage, Marjorie Kienapfel, Virgene Grimm, Lois Wilhelm, Deanes Rowedder, Stanley Frahm, John Pratt and Lynn Rix.

Vocalists II Division
Girls' sextet: Beverly Ruhde, Marjorie Kienapfel, Marilyn Popp, Rose Ann Rix, Lois Wilhelm and Sally Schrum.

Boys' quartet: Stanley Frahm, Deanes Rowedder, John Pratt and Lynn Rix.

Soloists: Marjorie Kienapfel, Lynn Rix, Marilyn Popp and Marjorie Rowedder.

Instrumental I Division (Orville Harris, director)
Dick Zerwas, cornet.
Ardella Frahm, flute.
Phyllis Jensen, flute.
Dick Mincey, drum.
Cornet trio: Dick Zerwas, Richard Rix, Bob Hansen.

Brass quartet: Dick Zerwas, Bob Hansen, Deans Rowedder and Stanley Frahm.

Instrumental II Division I Sally Schrum, piano.
Phyllis Musfeldt, saxophone.
Beverly Ruhde, clarinet.
Bob Hansen, cornet.

Winners of division I ratings will compete for state honors at Shenandoah in the near future.