September 26, 1946 Spotlite
Civic Projects and Election Top Business for Chamber
Pledge $100 Fund For Road Work in School Bus Areas
Continue Rat Control Committee For Program Schedule For Spring

Several civic projects were included in the business cared for by the Chamber of Commerce at its meeting Tuesday evening when new directors were named for the coming year.

New directors elected at the regular September Chamber of Commerce meeting Tuesday night were Erwin W. Hansen, Arthur W. Bock and Clifford M. Johnson, for three year terms. Directors holding over are: Orrin E. Pratt, Leo Bruck, Henry E. Meyers, Eugene Zerwas, Billie Ohde, Ken B. Koch.

Retiring directors are: John A. Lewis, Lester Rowedder and Lawrence J. Nickum.

John A. Lewis reported for the roads committee, consisting of Lewis, Otto Popp and John J. Struve, "Parker Road," north completed, will be graveled in October, he reported.

The Chamber pledged $100 to help improve three miles of road in Hayes Township, Crawford County, on Manning School bus route and in this trade area. Hayes Township collected pledges for $2,600 for road improvement. Grading will be done this fall and the surfacing next spring; $150 is pledged to the Kimballton-Manning road. A total of $560 was pledged for the chamber road fund.

Otto Popp, Dr. Joe Loucks and Dr. Raymond B. Kelsey reported on the rat extermination program held last Monday. It was voted to retain the same committee. Dr. Loucks, Otto Popp and John Schmidt to act in conjunction with the city council and farmers interested in the rat extermination program, which will probably be carried out in the spring as the work must be done before the first of November.

The window decorating committee for the homecoming, Vaughn Gensler, Herman Pahde and Alfred Paulsen, received thanks of the chamber for doing an excellent job. Pete Kuhl in behalf of the American Legion thanked the chamber for the cooperation given during the celebration.

Arthur Curtis reported for the nominating committee, the following names: Arthur W. Bock, Clifford M. Johnson, Al W. Martens, Arnold H. Sanders, Larry Polking and Erwin W. Hansen.

The matter of arranging closing hours for business places on a winter and summer schedule was introduced by Vaughn Gensler. Matter was left in hands of the original committee, Joe Stein, Louis E. Schelldorf and Clifford M. Johnson,

John Steinhauer, new member, was introduced.

Lunch was served by Earl Barsby, chairman and the following committee: Otto Popp, George Pfoltner, Detlef Hinz, A.W. Curtis, Ed Groppe and William Vollstedt.