Clarinet Polka

Oktoberfest in Manning
October 14, 2017

Held at the Manning Heritage Park

This image is something that we need to see a lot more of and to include the younger generations of today, many of whom have absolutely no idea that they are missing out in a very important part of growing up - learning about and appreciating the communities and nation they live in.
Way too many people are communicating through a "device" and don't learn any skills about interacting in person.
While there was a good attendance at this event, it is sad at how many area citizens will simply not attend and support things that you would have to drive 100 miles to see if so desired.
Events like this would not be possible if it weren't for all of the volunteers who organize them...and who also donate financially.

I hope the next time there is a community event in Manning that more people will attend.
Put that device away and come to interact with your friends, relatives, and neighbors.
You will gain way more with personal interaction than wasting time sitting at home with a device.

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