Do you ever wonder what makes someone tick?
Why they are the unique person they are...
A lot of people fail to understand the importance of preserving our history which tells a story about a family or individual.
If you know the background of a person, it is usually easy to understand why they are who they are - why they do the things they do.
As you browse through the various pictures in this tribute, watch for the little clues that will help explain why Ruth became so involved in her community and the close connections to her family.

In 2015 I approached Ruth about developing a historical feature on the Ohde family and funeral home.
I started a draft version and intended on sitting down with Ruth & John to gather their memories to include in the thing led to another and I never got back to the feature. Here is a draft version that begins with background on the Ohde name and early history.

Ohde history - draft version

Ruth Ohde
January 4, 1941 - September 27, 2017

Ruth with her grandmother, Francis (Brunnier) Ohde