Rudy Vallee "As Time Goes By" 1943

Lyle was inducted into the Navy on February 1, 1944.
He trained under the V-12 Navy program at Ann Arbor, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan under the Naval Officer Training Program to train as a Supply Officer. On June 1946, Lyle was discharged from the Navy as an Ensign.

1943 Junior Schrum Sworn Into V-12
Junior Schrum, Freshman at Drake University at Des Moines, has been sworn into the V-12 Aviation program of the U. S. Navy and will finish at Drake the last of January. He will expect his call the first of March. Junior is a member of the Drake varsity basketball squad.
Information from Lyle in 2006
"I was attending Drake when I enlisted.
TheV-12 program was a Naval Reserve Officer Training program - "NROTC" similar to regular ROTC programs.
You had to pass a test and substantial physical to get in.
The Navy wanted all officers to have at least two years of college (it was excelerated so it only took 16 months) so they sent me to school, in my case to the University of Michigan - later on I went back to got my degree.
We had various naval science courses such as navigation, damage control, seamanship, etc. as well as drills and fitness tests, and also regular college courses."

1945 Junior Schrum Goes From Navy to School
Junior L. Schrum of Manning, who served in the navy two and one-half years at Ann Arbor university, Mich., recently received his discharge and after spending a short time with his folks, has resumed his college studies.