Back: Merlin Rostermundt, Stanley Nissen
Middle: C.H. McGrath (teacher), Iris Kuhl, Glen Schmidt, David Musfeldt, Bill Roberts, Orville Hinze, Shirley Grundmeier
Front: Madonna Steen, Zita Smith, Colene Gray, Roger Vollstedt, Shirley Watson, LeRoy Dammann, Charles Schelldorf, Alice Wagner, Opal Weems

December 26, 1946 Spotlite
Personnel Named For Vocal Groups In High School
Six Groups Active Under Direction of Miss Esther Stryzewski

Vocal music groups in Manning high school were named some time ago and regularly scheduled rehearsals are held each week under direction of Miss Esther Stryzewski. Personnel of these different groups follows.
Boys' quartet: Gerald Grundmeier, Bob Koch, Louis Bohnsack, Charles Schelldorf.
Girls' sextet: Iris Kuhl, Lois Wilhelm, Zita Smith, Rose Ann Rix, Ruth McConnell, Ruth Behrens.
Boys' glee club: Charles Schelldorf, Bob Rothmeyer, Paul Behrens, Bob Koch, Herbert Buschman, Jerry Knaack, Gene Wiese, Ralph Petersen, Royce Rowedder, Jerry Bonnesen, Jimmy Farrell, Louis Bohnsack, Gerald Grundmeier and Russell Hammer.
Girls' glee club: Marianne Lyden, Mary Jane Grage, Delores Hammer, Shirley Ohrt, Margie Kienapfel, Fern Struve, Marjorie Rowedder, Virginia Grimm, Beverly Jean Ochsner, Letty Frahm, Ruth McConnell, Patty Valentine, LaVonne Armstrong, Bonita Kasperbauer, Colene Gray, Ruth Behrens, Shirley Grundmeier, Norma Musfeldt, Marilyn Popp, Rose Ann Rix, Lois Wilhelm, Jeania Hyde, Zita Smith, Iris Kuhl, Faye Jensen, Geraldine Reimers and Madonna Steen.
Girls' glee club II: Dorothy Blum, Delores Dammann, Alice Wagner, Donna Neubaum, Arlys Wegner, Ethel Leinan, Anna Marie Asmus, Marilyn Schroeder, La Donna Schrum, Phyllis Musfeldt, Beverly Ruhde, Marilyn Gruhn, Ardella Frahm, Sue Ann Clark, Sally Schrum, Dorothy Sextro, Marjorie Hansen, and Maxine Hinners.
Mixed chorus: Ruth McConnell, Colene Gray, Ruth Behrens, Shirley Grundmeier, Norma Musfeldt. Marilyn Popp, Rose Ann Rix, Lois Wilhelm, Jeania Hyde, Zita Smith, Iris Kuhl, Faye Jensen, Geraldine Reimers, Madonna Steen, Patty Valentine, LaVonne Armstrong, Mary Jane Grage. Margie Kienapfel, Fern Struve, Letty Frahm, Louis Bohnsack, Jimmy Farrell, Jerry Bonnesen, Royce Rowedder, Ralph Petersen, Gene Wiese, Jerry Knaack, Charles Schelldorf, Herbert Buschman, Bob Koch, Paul Behrens, Bob Rothmeyer and Russell Hammer.

December 5, 1946 Spotlite
Juniors Give Play December 16
Cast For Comedy Released by Ruth Moeller, Director
List All Personnel Now Working on Event

Members of the Junior class of Manning high school will present the class play, "Girl Shy", in the high school auditorium Monday, December 16. The play, a college comedy, is the story of a girl-shy college boy, whose father is trying to marry him to the girl from home. The happenings surround his attempt to get out of it. His conceited girl-loving roommate is definitely a character worth seeing.
Miss Ruth Moeller, high school dramatic instructor is directing the play and announced the following cast:
Tom Arsdale, who is girl-shy, Stanley Nissen.
Oke Stimson, who isn't, Bill Roberts
Anthony Arsdale, Tom's father, Charles Schelldorf.
Sylvia Webster, Tom's pet aversion, Alice Wagner.
Babs Sanford, herself, Marian Godiksen.
Caroline, Tom's aunt, Shirley Grundmeier.
Dean Marlowe, dean of the college, Russell Hammer.
Asma, a colored "wash lady," Colene Gray.
Birdie Laverne, a movie aspirant, Zita Smith.
Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd, the college poet, Orville Hinze.
Chuck Mayo, Birdie's late affinity, Merlin Rostermundt.
Peaches Carter, Oke's present weakness, Marilyn Grau.
Others assisting In the production of the play are: Iris Kuhl, student director; Marilyn Schroeder, prompter; Patty Valentine, stage effects; Delton Gruhn, lights and curtains; Iris Kuhl, Ruth Behrens, posters and publicity; Royce Rowedder and Bob Koch, ushers; Madonna Steen, Faye Jensen, Hazel Doyel, Geraldine Reimers, usherettes.
Make-up, Miss Myra Hamann, Miss Sylvia Waugh, Miss Rose Mary Gleason; stage crew, Bob Koch, Delton Gruhn, Glen Schmidt, Arlo Dammann, Roger Clark.
Tickets, Opal Weems, Dorothy Blum.
Programs, Ruth McConnell, Geraldine Reimers.
Stage properties, Wayne Alwill, Virgil Rowedder, Patty Valentine, David Musfeldt, Wayne Schroeder, Jerry Bonnesen, Willis Lohmeier, Norma Meggers, Darlene Mincey, LaVonne Schrum.
Personal properties, Herbert Buschman, Hazel Doyel, Jimmy Farrell, Don Kasperbauer, Darlene Lamp, Dale Leinen, Lyle Stoberl, Allen Wegner.

October 16, 1947 M.H.S. Spotlite
A Department of The Manning Monitor, Published in Cooperation with School Staff to Stimulate Public Interest in our Schools.
"Day At P.U. High" Presented As Part of Pep Rally For Homecoming
The annual pep rally program was held Thursday evening of last week when the evening's entertainment began at 7:30 with the pep band under direction of Orville Harris, playing a few selections.
Coach Bill Steneker spoke about the team from the standpoint of what each player does during a game. He explained one play called "12," unbalanced to the right and told what each boy on the team does during the play.
Cheer leaders Mary Ann Rothfolk, Ruth Behrens, Marian Godiksen and Ruth McConnell, led the student body in several cheers. Willis "Whitey" Lohmeier told the group that the cheering section helps players win their games. A member of the alumni, Bob Suhr, also spoke to the group.
A skit, "A Day at Pocahontas University High School," was given. Teachers were: Colene Gray, Miss Marie Perkins; Geraldine Reimers, Miss Myra Hamann; Stanley Nissen, Mr. Ken Koch; Vernon Asmus, Mr. William Anderson, and Dick Mincey, Mr. Bill Steneker. Roll call was taken. Miss Perkins announced a pep meeting at 20 minutes of 4, then classes passed to their rooms. The classes held were typing, shorthand and physics. The pep meeting was led by four cheer leaders: Lois Wilhelm, Pat Cullen, LaVonne Hargens and Darlene Lamp. Mr. Steneker was a faculty speaker.
The pep band played the "Loyalty" and everyone sang. The group next went south of the high school where a bonfire was burning. The school's cheer leaders led many cheers. A line was formed and the snake dance began. The group went through many business places.
Thumbnail sketches of the MHS Bulldogs:

Willis "Whitey" Lohmeier: Playing his fourth year as regular. A 159 pound, 6 foot senior fullback with plenty of power.
Dick Geith: Letterman from Logan high last year. A 170-pound, 6 feet 1 inch senior fullback being helpful to Manning's running power.
Merlin Rostermundt: Playing his third year as a letterman. He's 5'10" and weighs 155. Senior. A signal caller and capable passer.
Royce Rowedder: Playing his second year as letterman. A 135-pound 5'7" senior halfback, with a good throwing arm and plenty of speed.>
LeRoy Kienast: First year of competition. 160 pound, 5'9" Junior end who is proving himself very capable for first year.
Dean Stribe: First year regular. 153 pound, 5'9 1/2" sophomore tackle, proving himself very useful in the tough spots.
Hugo Ress: First year regular at 185 pounds, 5'9" Junior guard. Getting rougher every game.
Louis Bohnsack: Third year letterman at 155 pounds, 6', Junior center and also deep passer from the backfield.
Allen "Adolf" Wegner: Second year letterman, senior guard at 140 pounds, 5'7". Very tough guard.
Jerry Knaack: Second year letterman, 171 pounds, 5'11", Junior tackle. A big and tough lineman. Bob Koch. Third year letterman, 140 pounds, 5'9" senior end, receiver of many passes.
Gene Dales: First year, 5'8" at 150 pounds, sophomore guard, tough and one of the guards of the team.
Melvin Clothier: Second year letterman, 150 pounds, 5'8", junior tackle and a shifty and capable lineman.
Don Mohr: First year, 155 pound 5'7" junior center. Did a wonderful job of filling in when others were injured.
Virgil Rowedder: Second year, 140 pound, 5'9" senior halfback, very good on defense.
25 New Books Added To Shelves
The high school library has been opened again with a total sum of 400 books. Twenty-five of these books were purchased this year. Alice Wagner will act as assistant librarian.
Students Win Typing Honors
The typewriters are put back to work this year with top speed honors going to seniors. In one minute speed tests, Shirley Grundmeier and Iris Kuhl typed 78-2, Roger Clark 70-0, and Marilyn Schroeder 71-2. In ten minute tests Marian Godiksen typed 52-2, Marilyn Schroeder 53-3, Iris Kuhl 61-4 and Shirley Grundmeier 46-6.

March 18, 1948 MHS Spotlight
A Department of The Manning Monitor, Published in Cooperation with School Staff to Stimulate Public Interest in our Schools.
High School Bubbles Over With Activity As Team Enters State

During the past week, Manning high has been bubbling over with activity. Since the Manning Bulldogs had succeeded in reaching the sub-state tournament by downing Harlan, it was necessary to bring out all the pep and school spirit that could be found.
Wednesday evening the team was to play Missouri Valley. Everyone knew Missouri Valley would be hard to beat and even the team thought they would have to play their best in order to advance to their next competitor.
A treasure hunt was given as an added feature to encourage students and give more pep.
Bob Koch spoke for the team at the meeting Wednesday. He presented Ruth Behrens, head cheerleader, a box of Pep to give to the pep squad. Dick Geith was presented a box of Wheaties. This was to give added strength to him and to the rest of the team.
Manning succeeded in conquering Missouri Valley in an overtime game which ended with Manning in the lead by five points.
Friday the team and coaches were crowned "kings for the day." Each was given a pillow to take with them to classes during the day. Also each was given an apple, a balloon, and a crown which they were to wear all day. They were given special privileges among which were the privilege of attending girls' glee club and sliding down the banisters.
The team drank toasts for victory before each game. The toasts prepared by the cheerleaders were orangeade and root beer.
Louis Bohnsack spoke for the team Friday and Vaughn Gensler spoke for the businessmen of Manning.
Friday night Manning played Creston and beat them so our team advanced to the state tournament in Iowa City.
The Pep Band was the only band at Atlantic. They were well-received both nights. Much attention was given to them. Many pictures were taken. They were especially well liked by the Creston fans.
Meet Alice Wagner, senior at Manning high school. Alice is taking a general course and her favorite subject is sociology. Her favorite sport is basketball. Alice is the school librarian and is a member of the Pep Squad. She was a member of the junior class play cast.

Pep Band Praised By Radio Station
Evidently the Manning people are not the only ones who enjoy listening to the Manning pep band. Mr. Harris received a letter last week from station KSID at Creston in which they said that they had enjoyed listening to the band perform at the sub-state tournament at Atlantic last week and would like to have them appear on an hour show at their station some Sunday.
Manning High School Honor Roll
Fourth Six Weeks, 1947

Sophomores: Ardella Frahm, Ethel Leinen, Rose Ann Muhlbauer, Phyllis Musfeldt, Shirley Ohrt, Beverly Ruhde, Dick Mincey.
Juniors: Lois Wilhelm.
Seniors: Ruth Behrens, Leone Beyer, Marian Godiksen, Colene Gray, Shirley Grundmeier, Faye Jensen, Iris Kuhl, Ruth McConnell, Geraldine Reimers, Marilyn Schroeder*, Madonna Steen, Patty Valentine, Opal Weems, Wayne Alwill, Stanley Nissen, Charles Schelldorf. * straight A.
Meet Wayne Schroeder, senior at Manning high school. Wayne is taking a vocational agriculture course and his favorite subject is farm management. His favorite sport is basketball. Wayne is a member of F.F.A. He has played on the F.F.A. basketball team and has been an officer of that organization. He says his hobby is work?
Rousing Pep Meet Sends Bulldogs to Iowa City Monday.
The Manning Bulldogs have reached the state tournament. They will meet Livermore on Wednesday at 7:00. The team left for Iowa City at 10:30 Monday morning. A long pep meeting was held to give them a good send off.
The pep meeting started with many yells and songs. Everyone was in the best of spirits and the high school building resounded with the yells. The pep band played its usual role by playing the most popular songs. Stormy Weather featuring Bill Roberts still seems to be the top song especially with all the girls.
Merlin Rostermundt spoke for the team and Miss Marie Perkins spoke for the faculty. Frank Miller spoke as an alumni and as a former junior high coach of the team now going to the state. The team was showered with rice and the Loyalty was sung as the three cars bearing the Manning Bulldogs pulled out for Iowa City.
Office Machines Are Demonstrated
Geraldine Reimers and Madonna Steen represented Manning at a mimeograph school at Carroll last Friday, March 5. The demonstration was offered by the Office Equipment Company of Des Moines.
The girls learned new ways of using a mimeograph machine and in typing stencils for the machine. As all of the commercial girls were not able to go to Carroll, Madonna and Geraldine made reports on their experiences to the class.

March 18, 1948

Here are the firms and Individuals who volunteered donations to help send the high school pep band to Iowa City this week:
Matt Wagner, Ohde Furniture store, The Monitor, Gamble Store, Herbert Bromert, Manning Telephone Co., Priebe & Sons, Inc., Green Bay Lumber Co., Erwin Hansen, Ben Welch, George Dethlefs, Lewis-Reinhold Co., Schelldorf Clothing store, Kuhl & Vogt, P.H. Jones, Henry Peters, A.D. Wiese, Vincent Lyden, Emma Mincey, Clifford M. Johnson, Marie McGrath, Ray Pratt, Dultmeier Mfg. Co., Bonita Hagedorn and Emil Kuhl, First National bank, Manning Creamery. Henry E. Meyers, Henry Popp, Peter F. Hansen, Al W. Martens, Herman Frahm, Pat & Barney's Place, Brown McDonald Co., Hoffmann Bros., Mayburn Ramsey, Raymond B. Kelsey and Herb Groteluschen.

April 15, 1948 Spotlight News
Senior Cast Is
Busy Preparing "If This Be Bliss"

Practice began this week for the senior class play, "lf This Be Bliss," which will be presented May 5 in the high school auditorium. The cast as selected by Mr. Joe H. McGrath, English instructor, includes:
Dexter Smith, (high school senior) Merlin Rostermundt
Ma Smith, (his mother) Opal Weems
Dad Smith, (his father) Glen Schmidt
Dotty Smith, (his sister) Madonna Steen
Joe Pauley, (College field representative) Bill Roberts
Marcella Payne (Dick's girl) Alice Wagner
Dash Harris (College co-ed) Zita Smith
Dutch Kelly (another co-ed) Iris Kuhl
Liz (Deck's older sister) Colene Gray
John (Liz's husband) Charles Schelldorf
Beef (a truck driver) David Musfeldt
Felix Finley (a traveler) Stanley Nissen
Jack Hubbard (a traveler) Orville Hinze
Mrs. Payne (Marcella's mother) Shirley Grundmeier
Pinky, Slinky and Stinky (Three little kids) LeRoy Dammann, Roger Vollstedt and Shirley Watson.
Sunday, April 11, the team members entertained their mothers at the Sportsman club. Fried chicken and sizzling steaks were the order of the day. These delicacies were provided by a group of men from around town.
A short program followed the meal with Miss Marie Perkins, high school principal, presiding. Mrs. C.W. (Virginia) Steneker, Mrs. R.B. Roth, Mrs. Ralph Geith, and Marie Rostermundt each said a few words.
The four cheerleaders and their mothers also attended.
Meet Charles Schelldorf, senior of Manning high school. Charles started school with the class; he is taking a general course and his favorite subject is bookkeeping. His favorite sport is football. He has many hobbies but his favorites are music and making records.
Charles (Chuck) is a member of band, pep band, mixed chorus, A cappella choir, and brass quartet. He has competed in vocal and instrumental solo. He was vice-president of student council last year and has been a member of both operetta casts and the freshman, junior, and senior class play casts.

May 27, 1948 Spotlite
Annual Awards Presented to Students in Special Program

Annual award day was held in the Manning high school last Friday afternoon when awards were made for all activities throughout the school year. Activities for which awards are made every year cover all phases of extracurricular events.
This year's awards were as follows:
Athletic awards made by Coach C. William Steneker: Eight boys received letters in three sports, baseball, football and basketball. They are Danny Peters, Royce Rowedder, Merlin Rostermundt, Bob Koch, Dick Geith, Louis Bohnsack, Willis Lohmeier, and Jerry Knaack. Peters, Bohnsack and Knaack are juniors.
Virgil Rowedder also received a letter in baseball.
Others receiving letters in basketball were Jim Farrell and LeRoy Kienast. Football, Virgil Rowedder, Melvin Clothier, LeRoy Kienast, Dean Stribe, Don Mohr, Allan Wegner, Hugo Ress, Bill Opperman, Gene Dales, Bob Johnson, Gaillard Frank, David Musfeldt and Dick Clark. Manager's letter to Leland Kienast.
Band awards presented by Orville Harris: Highest awards, silver pins: Bill Roberts. Faye Jensen, Bob Koch, Jerry Knaack and Royce Rowedder. Gold pins: Zita Smith, Ardella Frahm, Phyllis Musfeldt, Charles Schelldorf, Don Louisfield.
High school band letters: Don Middendorf, LaVonne Hargens, Richard Mincey, Beverly Ruhde, Sally Schrum, John Pratt, Phyllis Jensen, Donna Strathman, Sue Ann Clark. Special mention, high school: Arthur Kruse, Lyle Hansen, Ethel Leinen.
Junior high band letters: Richard Rix, Rosemary Bock, Claus Bunz, Billy Jensen, Donna Joens, Gene Martens, Janice Popp, Barbara Knaack. Special mention, junior high: Robert Hansen, Richard Zerwas, Deanes Rowedder, Mardell Bonnesen, Adele Gray, Cheral Andresen, Stanley Frahm, Marlene Lohmeier, Betty Lou Popp, Joanne Lamp, Janet Bonnesen, LaRae Weems, Carol Petersen.
Twirling letters: Lois Struve, Florence Hammer, Mary Lou Petersen. Special mention, twirling: Lois Wilhelm, Joann Wilhelm, Mary Low Foley, Patty Ramsey, Margaret Schrum, Phyllis Jensen, Wava Lacey, Marlene Kroeger.
Vocal music awards presented by Miss Esther Stryzewski: Silver pins: Iris Kuhl, Ruth McConnell, Ruth Behrens, Zita Smith, Bob Koch. Gold pins: Lois Wilhelm, Jerry Knaack.
Music letters: Geraldine Reimers, Madonna Steen, Colene Gray, Shirley Grundmeier, Patty Valentine, Faye Jensen, Charles Schelldorf, Virginia Felt, Royce Rowedder, Rose Ann Rix, Virgene Grimm, Gerald Grundmeier, Merlin Joens, Lynn Rix.
Declamatory awards presented by Rosemary Gleason: Gold pins, Colene Gray, oratorical; Marilyn Popp, dramatic; LaVonne Hargens, humorous.
Home nursing awards presented by Miss Marie Perkins: Leone Beyer, Marilyn Grau, Colene Gray, Norma Meggers, Marilyn Schroeder, Shirley Grundmeier, Ladonna Schrum.
Junior high perfect attendance rewards presented by Miss Rosemary Gleason: Lois Fischer, Marlene Horbach, Marlene Nulle, Billie Jensen.
High school commercial awards presented by Miss Marie Perkins and William G. Anderson: Typing - Sixty-word pin: Opal Weems, Iris Kuhl, Marilyn Schroeder. Shirley Grundmeier, Leone Beyer, Roger Clark. Shorthand, Order of Gregg Artists certificate, 5 minute transcription of dictation at 80, words per minute: Madonna Steen, Geraldine Reimers, Marilyn Schroeder, Colene Gray, Marian Godiksen, Dorothy Blum, Faye Jensen, Virginia Felt, Ruth McConnell, Ruth Behrens. Order of Gregg Artists Certificate, 15 minute transcription of dictation at 60 words per minute: Lois Wilhelm, Delores Hammer, Beverly Ochsner, Mary Ann Kasperbauer, Iva Mohr, Neoma Popp. Agricultural awards presented by Superintendent Ken B. Koch: DeKalb award: Glen Schmidt, Flax essay first place and prize of $5.00 to Stanley Nissen and Wayne Alwill. Certificates of honorable mention were presented to Lyle Jahn, Donald Middendorf and Willis Lohmeier, who also entered this contest.
Student council awards were presented by Miss Perkins to seniors, Stanley Nissen, president; Marilyn, Schroeder and Marion Godiksen; juniors, Mary Ann Kasperbauer, vice-president; William Opperman; sophomores, Rose Ann Muhlbauer, secretary, and Leland Kienast.
Editor's medals were presented to Marion Godiksen and Marilyn Schroeder, editor and associate editor of the Spotlite, school paper, and the school annual.
Marilyn Schroeder received a Good Citizen Certificate from the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Pep squad awards made by Miss Myra Hamann. Megaphones to Leone Beyer, Virginia Felt, Lois Wilhelm, Sue Ann Clark, Ardella Frahm, Marlyn Gruhn, LaVonne Hargens, Rosemary Hinz, Dorothy Lake, Ethel Leinen, Rose Ann Muhlbauer, Phyllis Musfeldt, Shirley Ohrt, Marilyn Popp, Beverly Ruhde, Marjorie Rowedder, Sally Schrum, Ardella Singsank, Donna Strathman, Jeanette Willenborg, George Doyel, Lyle Jahn, Merlin Nulle, Don Pfannkuch, Lynn Rix, Robert Tank, Eugene Wagner. First year stripes to Deloris Dammann, Virgene Grimm, Delores Hammer, Mary Ann Kasperbauer, Iva Jean Mohr, Donna Neubaum, Beverly Ochsner, Rose Ann Rix, Mary Ann Rothfolk, Dorothy Sextro, Lyle Hansen, Orrin Asmus, LeRoy Kienast.
Second year stripes to Ruth Behrens, Dorothy Blum, Marion Godiksen, Marilyn Grau, Colene Gray, Shirley Grundmeier, Faye Jensen, Iris Kuhl, Darlene Lamp, Ruth McConnell, Norma Meggers, Coreen Nickum, Geraldine Reimers, Marilyn Schroeder, Darlene Mincey, Shirley Schroeder, LaDonna Schrum, Zita Smith, Madonna Steen, Pat Valentine, Alice Wagner, Opal Weems, Don Kasperbauer.