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Raymond Thielen
November 27, 1937 - September 24, 2017

"My first teacher was Lillian Spear and she stayed with the Floyd Campbell and then Leo Thielen families during the school week. Next came Grace (Lawson) Campbell 1943-48, with Melba Fischer finishing out the 1948 year. I went to school with my brother, Melvin and sister, Marjorie. We either walked or rode a car to school.
We had outdoor toilets, a coal furnace, and brought water from home and stored it in crock cooler. The teachers came in early during the winter to start a fire to heat school.
The first school house was moved to the Schultz farm 1/4 mile south and is presently used as a hog house now owned by Thielen family. The second school house was torn down by Harold Moeller and used to build a shop and machine shed.
We still have a blackboard and crock water cooler from the school.
My father, Leo Thielen, was the last director when the school closed.
Once I started town school I rode the bus to the Gray School in 1948. Later I attended and then graduated from Manning High School in 1956"

Ray Thielen.

Lincoln No. 2

Page 141 of the Manning Schools history book

Circa 1943

Back: Virginia Swank, Louise Bruhn, Russell Mohr, Robert Mohr
Middle: Melvin Thielen, Verna Swank, Louise Mohr, Donald Dammann
Front: Ray Thielen, Allen Mohr


Back: Louise Bruhn, Herbert Dammann, Russell Mohr, Dennis Drees, Marjorie Drees
Middle: Louise Mohr, Donald Dammann
Front: Raymond Thielen, Lyle Drees, Merlin Drees, William Bruhn, Melvin Thielen, Allen Mohr

Circa 1948 - north wall of Lincoln No. 2

Back: Louise Mohr, Marjorie Drees
Third: William Bruhn, Lyle Drees, Merlin Drees, Melvin Thielen, Donald Dammann, Allen Mohr
Second: Janice Drees, Gary Handlos, Raymond Thielen, Allen Overgaard?
Front: Marjorie Thielen, Linda Handlos