"Easter Parade" Perry Como

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Some of you who haven't been paying attention in Manning over the last 10+ years - there has been an influx of young couples and individuals who originally lived in Manning, went to college, got married, and then when they started having children they realized this little town of Manning wasn't all that bad after all to live in and raise a family.

So as these young couples started returning they also either started their family or expanded it...now this year - the school enrollment went up by 20 students. The first time in many years to increase. While this may not seem like much - it is better than the alternative.

Like I've always said, our ancestors and the Pioneers of Manning provided us with an amazing little town that continues to thrive and grow by small increments.

Another major change from the last 30 or 40 years is that these young families are having more than 2 children today.

The Easter Bunny visits Manning
March 31, 2018

Some scenes of Easter past

Easter Sunday 1917

Dave Kusel - about 58 years ago...

Kent Rutz 1961 Easter

Myra & Roland Meeves with their chocolate Easter bunnies

1913 Easter Sunday tornado on the John Barten farm

Easter postcard from Germany