Strengthening our future by starting when our children are young and providing them with guidance and instilling moral values.

2018 Zion Lutheran Vacation Bible School

Thumbs up for a "Happy Day!" on June 6, 2018

On a very somber note and important historical date, on June 6, 1944 (74 years before the above picture was taken), one of Zion's members was part of the D-Day invasion and the glider he was in crash landed into a tree...he survived, but one of his comrades died.

A glider that carried several members of the 82nd Airborne and one of Zion's members.

Wilmer Ranniger

Arrow pointing to Wilmer as he listens to David Dwight Eisenhower give a pep talk on June 5, 1944.

It was because of men like Wilmer who helped free the world of German Nazi Socialism and Japanese Imperialism, so that our children today can have big smiles and give a thumbs-up for the life they are able to live.

I have several Zion VBS pictures taken on the steps of the old grade school from different years but once I started guessing the year this picture was taken and it appeared to be around 1950 and based on the fancier dress of everyone, it hit me that this picture was taken during the 50th Anniversary of Zion. So I checked the 50th booklet and sure enough this picture is in the book, but like so many times with large group photos in history books there are no identifications, so hopefully more people will come forward and ID the rest of the unknown individuals before it is too late and no one in this picture is living to help out with names.

This booklet is one history book I have not yet scanned into my database, but will try to do so this summer and then post it on my web page.

Cover of the 1950 Zion 50th anniversary booklet

The page from the booklet that the picture below is featured on.

1950 - taken on the steps of the old grade school along Second Street

Back: Dorothy Rix, Barbara Knaack, ??, Joann Grundmeier, Pastor Johann Ansorge, Louise Mohr, ??
Fifth: Paul Hass, Dennis Backhaus, Ron Mohr, Nancy Mohr, Diane Dalgety, Larry Lohrmann, Royce Genzen, Warren Puck, Ken Hass, Phil Knaack, Don Keat, ??, Phillip Hansen, Jon Groteluschen, ??, ??, Ron Mahnke, Vernon Sonksen, Stan Beck
Fourth: Peggy Grundmeier, Virginia Backhaus, Carol Rowedder, Cynthia Peters, Karen Carstens, Joyce Genzen, Eustace "Junior" Lake, Larry Genzen, Charlotte Paulsen, Judy Vollmer, Janis Groteluschen, Sally Juels, Gerald Beck, Don Froyd, Beverly Genzen, Darlene Vollstedt, Mary Alice Mohr, Judy Kuhl, Carol Antone, Allen Mohr
Third: Beverly Dalgety, Gary Vinke, Ron Schroeder, Kenny Keat, Pat Musfeldt, Diane Musfeldt, Gene Lohrmann, ??, Doris Dau, Mary Frahm, Evans Sam Musfeldt, Pam Groteluschen, Barb Vollmer, Gary Neubaum, Joel Grundmeier, Roger Reinke, Dave Peters, Dave Hass, Ken Puck, ??, Dennis Frahm, Wesley Cooper
Second: ??, Larry Fischer, ??, Joyce Sonksen, ??, Kathy Musfeldt, Eileen Frahm, Linda Ohde, Richard Popp, Berneil Antone, Susan Rowedder, Elke Bunz, Judy Wegner, Ruth Ohde, Larry Rix, John Ehrichs, Rosemary Ehrichs, Lenny Carstens, Mary Reinke, ??, Carol Beck, Gary Cooper, ??
Front: Merlin Frahm, Wayne Pfannkuch, Kay Dalgety, Wayne Ross, Kenard Carstens, Gale Vinke, Barbara Sonksen, Charlene Musfeldt, Bill Graner?, ??, Virgene Reinke

Many people are interested in genealogy and history and like to keep old things, but the most important aspect of this subject is "preservation."
Lots of people and organizations donated time and money to move the Trinity Church to the Manning Heritage Park in 2006, but like with so many projects, once the excitement is over, all too often the long-term preservation aspects are forgotten.

Currently Greg Peters is doing exterior maintenance and painting of the Trinity Church. If this is not done in a timely manner, the structure will soon deteriorate.
A 90 foot boom truck was rented to get the job down to where Greg's boom truck can reach. The rental boom is very costly and so is the paint so donations to help complete this project would be greatly appreciated.

If you click on the link below you'll see that the church is used for a lot of weddings which help to cover the costs of continual maintenance of the structure and grounds.
Several church services are held during the summer months and free-will offerings also help to maintain the care of this church.

Manning is very fortunate to have 5 active churches/congregations, and the 90 feet towering steeple of the Trinity Church stands tall for all to see who drive into Manning.

Painting complete down to the 40 feet level - May 30, 2018

Click to see July activity at the Heritage Park

Manning Heritage Park - Trinity Church gets a makeover May 18, 2018

LED cross

Boom extended the full 90 feet

Almost to the top

Greg Peters getting ready to mount the LED cross

You don't get much closer to Heaven than this!

You need a little extra faith in situations like this.

Mounting the LED cross

Mounting the LED cross

Pulling the wiring into the steeple

Inside the steeple

Note the ladder is an inverted climb.

Bell tower around 50 feet


Forged in 1901 by Henry Stuckstede in St. Louis, Missouri

large pulley with hemp rope that swings the bell

Clapper used for a single ring of the bell

Click to hear the bell

Cross lit

Preparing to paint the church May 23

Preparing to paint the church May 23

Stop to think about the history of this church and specifically the bell.
The original twin of the current church was dedicated October 6, 1901.
Here is a scan I made in 2016 of the original December 1900 architectural prints.

By August Blaas of Rockwell City, Iowa

Then the unthinkable happened - on March 23, 1913, the "Omaha Tornado" system generated a tornado that blew down the original sister church in Lincoln Township, Audubon County (the original location of the church).
But the Pioneer Spirit of the congregation made it possible to rebuild and on October 26, 1913, the new twin sister church was built.
If you look at the picture of the bell above you'll see pieces chipped off the bottom side of the is surmised that this damage occurred as the bell fell 50 feet as the church structure came crashing down.

This picture was taken the next day - note the snow on the ground

The whole structure was blown off the foundation and down the sloped sidehill to the east.

Dr. William Addison (Veterinarian) had a building on Main Street for his business and he also lived there.
Dr. Addison salvaged lumber from the destroyed Trinity Church structure and built a machine shed in the area where the shooting range of Great Western Park is located now.

As told by Gerhardt Voge February 14, 2016

Think about the bell and its significance during our history.
It was rung when WWI ended.
It was rung during VE Day and then again on VJ Day during WWII.

Then another miracle occurred when the church was moved to the Manning Heritage Park on June 6, 2006.

You can see a video of the move along with pictures I took of the whole process - just click on "Trinity Lutheran Church" on the left side frame and follow the links.

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