September 6, 2018 update to the Clark history
As I tell everyone, I'm looking for any/all types of Manning history. Here is another scan sent to me by the Clark descendant.

Wife of Ketel Ketelsen

Maria (Wenzel) Ketelsen killed by a bull - wife of Lorenz

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a Clark/Borkowski descendant. He was interested in what I might have for pictures and information about the Clark Auto Salvage business that once resided where the Willow Creek Park was eventually located and now a part of the Manning Heritage Park along East Street.
One question came up is if this land was donated by the Clark family to Carroll County in order to create a park. If so then it would be nice to have a sign of sorts that recognizes the donated land.

Below are some images that were scanned by the Clark contact and fortunately he understands high resolution scanning. That way I could edit and enhance them on my end.
As you'll see, there is a Borkowski connection.
So anyone who might have pictures and/or information about the Clark Auto Salvage business and/or the Borkowski family - please contact me.

This first image is something I have not seen before - a remembrance document in German. I have scanned many baptismal, wedding, confirmation, etc documents in German but this is the first "in memory of" type document I've seen.

What a wonderful and amazing historical document to add to the Manning Historical Preservation Database I'm constantly working on.

Auguste Ernestine Louise (Frankenstein) Borkowski - mother of Carl Borkowski
This is the first time I've seen a Frankenstein connection to Manning.
Pastor Starck of the Trinity Lutheran Church (now at the Heritage Park) filled out this document.

This is what the original document looks like, with cracks and splotches
then I digitally restored it as seen on top.

Translation sent to me by the great-grandson of Wilhelm Heinrich Borkowski & Auguste (Frankenstein) Borkowski.

Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life
In Memory of
Auguste Ernestine Louise Borkowski (born) Frankenstein
Born on 6th of March 1842
Died on 6th July 1916
And buried on Sunday the 9th of July in Lincoln Twp. Audubon Co, IA.
Blessed are the dead who die in the lord
Audubon, IA the 2nd October 1916
E.J.W. Stark
Evangelical Lutheran Pastor
I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die John 11:25-26

Borkowski family

Back: Leona Clark, Ferdinand, Carl Jr., Alfred, Ida Hagedorn
Front: Matilda Frank, Carl Sr., Elizabeth Dorothea (Ketelsen), Elsie Deist

Clark property tax document that references the future Willow Creek park.

We are also trying to see if this Clark family is related to Milo/Dick Clark family.
Lester's and his brother, Shirley's, dad was Matthew Clark who immigrated from Whitwell, England, in about 1871.

The Clark descendant continues to send me very nice high resolutions scans.
Here is another wonderful historical picture.

Matthew Clark family

Back: Myrtle, Lyle, May, Harry, Hazel
Middle: Matthew, Sarah Ellen "Ella" (Kimball)
Front: George, Lester, Charlie, Shirley (a boy), Lewis

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