This feature idea began with the old creamery picture that Marie (Hammer) Zorn submitted to the Manning Centennial.

On this link and following ones I'll show some Hammer pictures.

This family picture came from the Linda (Meggers) Frank collection.
Several years before Margaret (Hammer) Bilsten passed away, I showed it to her to get the names of each sibling.
Margaret had severe glaucoma at the end of her life and she could not see straight ahead, so she had to hold the picture to the side of her head and then she could see the faces well enough to identify them for me.

This picture was used in the Manning Centennial book but no one identified them under the picture.

I tell you this not to highlight Margaret's disability but to emphasize how difficult it can be to get old pictures indentified.

Back: Anita, William, Rosie, Louie, Dorothy
Front: John, Edward, Henry, Karoline (Nulle), Marie