Now I'm not using these comparisons to trash the printed word/newspapers. I think they are still a very important asset to our society but I want to emphasize the importance of digitizing original photos used in the news and printed word, and especially old photos like this one that was also used in the Manning Centennial book.

Photo scanned from the Lyle & Judy (Gehlsen) Joens collection.
Employees of the Manning Creamery in 1956 back: Joe Knueven, Julius Hoffman, June Ruhde, Blondina Carstens, Roger Nielsen, Judy Joens, Joe Hoffmann, Audrey Phillips, Gordon (Mike) Wycoff, Elverda Schwitzer, Henry Schrum, Pauline Cramer, Lyle Rowedder, Leo Bruck, Dan Eckley, Gene Kuhl, Allan Grage, Norman Arp, LaVerne Olsen, Clarence Barten, George Graves Jr., Charles Poley, Hugo Dammann, Bill Volquartsen, Allen Jensen, Lowell Stribe, Merlin Ramsey, Roy Hiatt, Lyle Joens
Front: Bob Laverty, Ed Lechtenberg, Charles Laverty, and Orren Ramsey
Not pictured were employees Julius Rowedder, Ethel Leinen, Karen Carstens, William Jensen, Ivan Warner, Kenneth Graves, Bernhard Hollander, Arnold Jacobsen