Hermans Hermits "No Milk Today"

If anyone from the Hammer family has the picture Marie submitted back in 1981 or other Manning connected people have old family and Manning pictures and information - please contact me.

I'm also looking for more pictures of the various Hammer siblings and military pictures of Lou Hammer...

On this page I'll show you various pictures of the Manning Creamery and the Hammer family.
Please note the sources of these pictures which will give you an idea of why my Manning database is so large and of such a wide range of topics.

As always, my goal in presenting these feature stories is to try to get more Manning connected people to come forward with their history and pictures so I can scan them and add them to the database.
I also use these features to show modern-day people how the Manning community thrived and grew years ago, which gives us the strong base to work off and keep Manning as strong as ever.

Pictures and history you have of your family history is really Manning's history and it should be preserved now so it can be used in the future to show even more examples of why the community thrives and grows now.

If I Only...
A common statement many of us use when reflecting back on things we wished we had done or could have done...
If I only had a computer and scanner and the Internet, back during 1979-81 when the Manning Centennial history book was being compiled.
Hundreds of pictures were presented to Art Rix & Orval Fink to take a picture of their old pictures and then make negatives for use in the Manning Centennial book.
A lot of these pictures were not used in the book because there was no extra room.
I would say there were tens of thousands of pictures the "keepers" of everyone's family history had in their old family scrapbooks and boxes...meaning your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents - depending on how old you are now.
At that time there would have been thousands of Manning residents and pioneers who would have been able to ID many if not most of the pictures that were unidentified in those family collections. Over the years I have been able to find some of the original photos that were used in the centennial book but most have since been thrown away.
I have also been able to find similar pictures but for each one I find to scan - hundreds, maybe thousands have been thrown away.
Below is a picture I have not found with this specific angle and group of workers...IF I ONLY had my computer/scanner back then, I would have a digital copy now.

Hopefully this discussion and a web page feature I'm working on will encourage some people to look and see if they have inherited any of the old pictures used in the Manning Centennial book...if you find them then please e-mail me before you pass them on to the next generation that will probably just throw them away.
Each generation your pictures and history are passed along to, increases dramatically the chances they'll get thrown away.

Marie (Hammer) Zorn, who presently resides in the Manilla Manor, has submitted this picture of the Manning Creamery Company, taken in 1918. She has been able to identify three of the people, but not the rest. If anyone knows who the others are, please contact Mrs. Calvin Stammer or the Manning Monitor.
To the extreme left is creamery owner Jake Bruck; the third person from the left is Irene Grantz; and the man on the right end is Harry Hayes.
Marie worked in the creamery office 12 years. She also worked for the Kleespies Store and the telephone office in Manning.
Work on the Manning History Book is progressing rapidly. Many articles on past and present businesses have been completed, including a complete account of the Manning Creamery; other articles which have already been turned in include a history of railroads in Manning, the fire department, services for the elderly, and the histories of each of the local churches.
Help is needed on the section "Servicemen Lost in War." A history and picture of only two of these servicemen, John Hoffmann and Robert Bonnesen, has been turned in at this time. Contact Calvin Stammer, if you have information about other local servicemen who died while on duty.