Ehlers/Lage update:

Between finding more Witt pictures with more names in the Ehlers/Lage collection, and going through the Witt obituaries I have, I think I now have all of the Witt family names.
Reimer & Marie (Schultz) Witt children: Hans William Witt, John Witt, Gustav Witt, August Witt, Minnie Kracht, Emma Lage, Augusta Lage, Mary Wiese, Maggie Bruggeman

Witt family

August, Maggie, John, Reimer, Marie

On the south bank of the old Manning High School

Dale Ehlers - front right

If you are a Witt/Lage/Ehlers descendant/relative and already have some or all of the pictures posted here, you may not have other Witt pictures I have scanned.
The only way to find out what else I have is you will need to work with me. The same goes for any descendants/relatives who do NOT have these pictures and decides to just grab what I've posted and then not contact me - sharing is the only way to get more pictures and history.

This next picture is the oldest country school picture I have scanned to date.
Fortunately they wrote the school number and year on little blackboards and someone identified Jake Lage.

Washington No. 9 June 30, 1896

Jake Lage - smallest boy kneeling in middle front

What the original photo looks like

Dale & Rod Ehlers - I think they really look like their grandpa, the "young" Jake Lage

13 years ago, Lola (Hansen) Ahrendsen let me go through her old collection of pictures. The pictures that weren't identified, Lola was mostly able to specifically ID or at least provide the family name they were in. At the time I noticed there were Witt pictures in her collection and I asked her if they were connected to the Manning Witts...she said yes, but many of her Witt pictures were of relatives who lived in Nebraska. Well fortunately her Witt pictures were identified because it helped me with the Witt pictures in the Ehlers/Lage collection. Lola's pictures also had maiden names - all this next picture from the Ehlers/Lage collection had was "Emma (Witt) Lage's parents...but when I found the same picture in Lola's files, the full names were listed.

This is what so many people don't realize - that they may have pictures or identifications that I don't have, and vice-versa so unless they bring their pictures to me to go through, scan, and compare, neither one of us may get the needed information and IDs.

I also constantly write about how collections that once existed were eventually thrown away...after Lola died, many of her old pictures were thrown away.

So fortunately Lola worked with me on her pictures which now helps with some of the Ehlers/Lage collection.

Reimer & Marie (Schultz) Witt.

Witt sisters - daughters of Reimer & Marie

Left to right: Minnie Kracht, Emma Lage, Augusta Lage, Mary Wiese, Maggie Bruggeman

Hazel Lage MHS 1933

I did NOT have a school or graduation picture of Hazel, and now I do.

Also, if anyone is related to the Witt family above, please e-mail me and hopefully you can help make connections and maybe have obituaries that I don't have which will help me fit the other Witt pictures I have scanned to their specific families.

I'm now working on a large plastic tub (2.5x1.5x1.5 feet) from the Ehlers collection and I found all kinds of old documents and warranty deeds, including ones of the farmland the Lage family purchased in Texas in the 19teens - which gives a time frame and location for the Texas pictures I've already run across but had no dates or locations listed.

This is part of the detailed work I prefer to do myself - and NOT have people pick and choose what they think I might like to scan...
I've run into a few City of Manning documents like this in other family collections but this is a different one and exactly what I'm looking for to help piece together the "Manning" puzzle.
It lists all the names of the department heads - individuals I knew or am familiar with their names...another "who's who" of Manning history.

I'm going to concentrate on the Veterans listed above.
I have no military pictures of Virginia Livingston, only a senior picture of Jimmie, and no pictures of Frank.
I'm not sure of their specific connections to each other but they are related. Virginia's granddaughter sent me a wonderful autobiography of Virginia which had pictures embedded in the PDF file but the only way to get high resolution and good quality images is when they are saved as JPG or TIF.
Here are a few images I have scanned that came from other non-family member sources.

Frank Livingston

May 19, 1927

Jimmie Livingston

Lola Livingston with her 2 nieces

Most of you probably have no idea who Henry Grelck is.
I didn't know Henry very well but do remember him and over the years I have found a lot of pictures and information about him...he was an excellent MHS athlete, was on the World Champion fire department running team, and served overseas during WWI.
I also have a lot of pictures and information about the Grelck/Grimm family because Tom & Sharon (Grimm) MacDonald-Williams have been working with me over the decades - we also are related, the Grelck/Grimm family comes down from Ida Kusel & Henry Grube and my family line comes from William Kusel & Sophia Grube (Ida & William were siblings as were Henry & Sophia). As you can see there is a double family connection Kusel/Grube.

I would just love to be able to show detailed history and pictures of ALL Manning connected families like I can with the Grelck/Grimm family, which will also guarantee that their history will be preserved long after all of their family pictures and history ends up being thrown away or lost in some cubby hole in a distant relative's home in some other state that no one in Manning would know about...BUT unless more families/individuals come forward their connections to Manning will eventually and completely least to the extent I'm able to show with the Grelck/Grimm family.

Henry Grelck served in France during WWI

Milwaukee tracks before the train ride to enlist in the service of their country on April 19, 1917

Gordon Petersen, Charles Petersen, Henry Wiedemann, Winiford Addison, Henry Grelck, George Berg (failed physical), Henry Dethlefs, William Mergle, Carl Ryan

1908 Henry Grelck in 4th grade
I thought I had Henry marked on this picture but must be another one.
I have a lot of group pictures taken in front of the old school but sadly most have NO IDs or only the family member who is in it, is identified.
Once in a while I'll run into the same picture someone else has and they have all or most of the IDs
which is why I need to get more collections from people.

Henry Grelck - MHS football

1916 (Lyden Park) original Manning school football field - now the Manning town Soccer field

The old light plant to the east & Herman Hagedorn blacksmith shop where the Legion Hall now stands.

Back: Coach Leslie W. Lee, Edwin Dethlefs, E. Wayne Sinclair, Vincent Lyden, Neal Dunnick, Dean Curtis, John Ohde, Ralph Moser, Robert Emmons
Front: Austin Navin, Henry Weidemann, Ed Gronert, Orlo Schelldorf, Henry Grelck with an American Bulldog, Roy Lawbaugh, Marvin "Mike" Meyers, Jay Bingham
This is the first time a bulldog showed up in a picture or documentation, so the mascot of MHS was a Bulldog at least by 1916.

MFD - running team in 1917 on Third Street
I'm not sure if Henry is in this particular picture but it will give you an idea of how he participated.

Blance Hays - future wife of Henry Grelck

MHS 1920

Back: ??, Lydia Martens, ??, Florence Meyers
Front: Ida Grelck, Nettie Moore

Ida Grelck, sister of Henry, met a horrible death in 1921, along with her boss, John Rostermundt, when a gas explosion occurred in the back of the Rostermundt & Kuhl building at 302 Main.
Bystanders removed the burning clothing from Ida & John when they exited the building, but their bodies were badly burned and cut from flying debris.

Betty (Grelck) Grimm 1944 - daughter of Henry Grelck

Betty Grimm WWII

Clousie & Betty Grimm

Clousie Grimm WWII

In 2012, I purchased the Manning part of the Logeland Studio negatives and pictures at Harlan
These 2 next pictures came from that collection.

Susan Grimm with her mother, Betty

Sharon, Susan & Jon Grimm
Susan December 17, 1958 - October 25, 2006 & Jon April 25, 1952 - August 17, 2003

Henry Grelck 1954 MFD

Henry Grelck hunting

Henry Grelck - construction of the L&M Bowling Alley 1960

What you just saw is only a sampling of the pictures and information I have scanned for the Grelck/Grimm collection - I have 800 files in Sharon & Tom's database folder in my computer. This doesn't include the other pictures and information shown which came from other sources...

If you can help with military and other pictures for the Livingston family or have any Grelck/Grimm pictures and history please e-mail me.

If you want your family's history/pictures preserved in my Manning Historical Preservation Database - please e-mail me.

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