I finally finished the large Ehlers/Lage collection.
As I always write about, I find lots of pictures of non-family members in family albums/collections.
Many times, the ONLY picture/s I have in my Manning Historical Datbase of an individual or family comes from some OTHER non-related family collection.
Here are some pictures of the Ehlers/Lage family, and also non-family members - most are of individuals I previously had NO pictures of...

Hazel (Lage) Ehlers & Helen R.
They worked for the Dime Store.
On the Mueller Furniture Store corner looking east.
Is Helen R. - Helen Rudnick???

Back: Freddie & Hazel Ehlers; Front: Rod & Dale

Hazel Lage in Texas.
I'm not sure if this is a Fourth of July event or birthday but notice the 2 US flags on the cake.

Hazel in Texas

I haven't had time yet to digitally repair this picture
I have many old gradeschool pictures like this but sadly very few were identified.

Back: Harlyn Hinz, Hans Soll?, Vernon Wolf?, Wayne Farrell, unknown, teacher Miss Greenley, Robert Parker, Alvin Joens, Georgie Grimm, Harold Rutz
Front: McDonald?, Lester Wyatt, Alma (Asmus) Vollmer, Beulah Livingston, Hazel Lage, June (Nickum) Spicer, Eleanor Lucinda Flenker?, Goldie Hagedorn, Ruby Farrell, Ivan Anton, Donald Wyatt

Hazel (Lage) Ehlers apparently identified this picture.
She had Kindergarten 1922 but Hazel graduated in 1933 so if this is Kindergarten then the year would be 1920.
Hazel is the only student from 1933, the other students are with 1934 and 1935 so this can't be a Kindergarten only groupů
Hazel had some question marks for students and I have notes below based on the school records I have.
MHS 1933: Hazel Lage
MHS 1934: Alma Asmus, Harlyn Hinz, Wayne Farrell, Robert Parker, Elvin Jones, George Grimm, Harold Rutz, Lester Wyatt, June Nickum, Goldie Hagedorn, Ivan Anton, Donald Wyatt
Former MHS 1934: Hans Soll
Former MHS 1935: Ruby Farrell
Former MHS 1936: Vernon Wolfe - he also showed up in former 1935
Melvin Wolfe in former 1934
There is no McDonald in this era
The only Livingston close to this era is Florence in 1932
No Beulah Livingston in the school records
Eleanor Flenker, who was crossed out by Hazel graduated in 1937
Idaleen Flenker former 1935
Lucina Flenker former 1932
No Greenley shows up in the school teacher records but they are not 100% complete during this era.

Hazel, Ruth & Emma (Witt) Lage

Henry & Alta Hansen 1959

I think the back boy is an Ehlers

Dale Ehlers 4-H 1955

"Cowboy" 1957

Baling hay

Rod or Dale Ehlers?

Ehlers farm 1967

1959 farmers helping neighbor with their plows

Back: Freddie Ehlers, Marvin Kuhl, Arlo Jahn?, Bill Dammann, Lester Ohde, Robert Phillips, Ray Irbeck?, Willy Otto?, Roy Kruse?, Hank Lamaack, Wayne Ranniger
Front: Milo Stammer, Carl Brus, Earl Segebart, Wayne Jahn, Pat Spack?, Merlin Schroeder, Hugo Jahn

Aspinwall Coop fuel truck - refueling the tractors

Feeding cattle in the feedbunk

I'm wondering if this is Hazel Lage with her grandfather Lage

Gordell & Valda (Lamaack) Lamp wedding at Zion Lutheran in Manning

I think this could be the kitchen workers for someone's wedding

Margaret Ohde and Marge Stribe on the left
Behind them might be Lois Hill, with Lila Schroeder way in back
Alta Hansen (half face)
Pauline Graves tall lady in back with Wynona Hill in front of her? and Emma Lage far right

Lola Ahrendsen on the left, Alta Hansen 3rd from left on right side
Probably Emma Lage birthday in the city park
You can see the Monkey bars and old slides that we had fun playing on years ago as kids.
Then they apparently became TOO dangerous and were removed in more recent times...
Now it's hard to find kids who play outdoors...

Jake Lage - mailman in Manning

October 24, 1955 confirmation - Zion Lutheran Church on Second Street

Back: Larry Popp, Irwin Grau, ? Boell (twins Richard & Robert) ? Boell, Pastor George Eschenbacher
Middle: ??, Jake Lage, Emma Musfeldt, Julius Musfeldt, Mildred Spies, ??
Front: John Frahm, Emma Lage, Lila Nulle, Marilyn Nelson, ??, Francis Soll

Here are the names from the official church list: Gerald Avey, Marilyn Avey, Richard Boell, Robert Boell, John Frahm, Irwin Grau, Emma Lage, Jacob Lage, Vernon Larsen, Emma Musfeldt, Julius Musfeldt, Marilyn Nelson, Lila Nulle, Larry Popp, Frances Soll, Mildred Spies, Charles Thiedeman, Julia Thiedeman

In 2000, volunteers at the Lutheran Church worked to find all of the confirmation class photos and get everyone identified.
I just discovered that this picture above is one that they did not find, so now 18 years later we have the picture and hopefully will get everyone identified.
It's like I always say to people - history is ongoing and never ends and you need the "Patience of Job" if you are serious in preserving it.
I was asked to scan all of those old confirmation pictures so a display could be made from copies. I did the scanning in 1999 and at that time the scanners and software wasn't as good as it is today, plus I had only been scanning for about 4 years and did not understand the importance of high resolution scans...
So if anyone has an old Zion Confirmation picture - please e-mail me and I'll check to see if I have a more recent scan of the picture you have. Plus, you may have a picture that was never found or I scanned from a badly damaged/deteriorated photo in 1999.

Pet sow 1955

Rod & Dale Ehlers July 1958

Roger Kuhl & Dale Ehlers

Tom Schroeder birthday

We think this is a boy who dressed up as a girl for a skit or community event.
Note the work boots and pants and a girl would probably not stand this way.

1944: Orrin Welch, Harold Schmidt, Clark Hershman, Don Mohr, Verne Koch, Howard "Tuffy" Schumann

Freddie Ehlers' dog 1921

Twins: Joy & Jim Hansen - 2nd birthday

Freddie Ehlers' home

Glen Lage

Judi & Merlin Schroeder - note the steel-lugged wheel

Lois & Lyal Stuhr - children of Art & Rose (Ehlers) Stuhr

January 1, 1947 Clelia, Cleoda, Cleon McMahon - which family do they belong to?
I'm fairly sure this isn't in Manning

Dale & Freddie Ehlers - picking corn
If you ever heard of the term wearing "blinders" then look at the horse's head.
They are used to prevent distractions to their side so they concentrate on moving straight ahead.

Dale & Freddie Ehlers

This is one of the best views I've run across that shows the ear corn "bangboard" on a wagon.

Ina (Lage) Roosa family

Valda Lamaack MHS 1961

Marla Lamaack MHS 1960

Allan Lamaack MHS 1955

If you are not from Manning but inherited pictures from relatives who once lived in Manning - please e-mail me.
Even if the pictures are NOT identified - I want to scan them and add them to the Manning database.
You'll probably have at least some pictures identified as taken by the Lyden or Blocker studio.
I may be able to ID some of them for you or find someone who will know who they are...

More than likely I will have some pictures and/or information about your family connected here in Manning...so if you help me then I'll help you.

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