Even though I capture various school events every year, I am fairly far-removed from the students and teachers at our school - I just don't know many of them anymore.
I graduated from Manning High School the year Jenni was born - and each year it gets harder to know who the "younger" generations are, here in Manning.
When I saw the notice on the Ohde Funeral Home website about Jennifer Erb, at first I was not sure who this was but then I realized I had captured her and her children at a number of events at school.
Here is a short tribute and by no means does justice in honoring Jenni and her service to the community, but it will give the web browser a peek into her activities at IKM-Manning schools.

Visitation 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM Sunday, April 22, 2018 IKM-Manning Gym, Manning
Visitation will resume after 1:30 PM on Monday
Funeral 2:30 PM Monday, April 23, 2018 IKM-Manning Gym, Manning
Interment 10:30 AM Tuesday, April 24, 2018 Arlington Heights Cemetery, Audubon

Words of wisdom to Jenni's students in her classroom

Jennifer Erb
July 13, 1975 - April 18, 2018

Jenni Erb - Cinderella 2017 school play

From Jenni's school web page...
My name is Jenni Erb, I am the 7-12 FCS teacher at IKM-Manning. In 2007 I came to IKM and taught in the Manilla building. In 2008 I transitioned to the Manning building as we became the IKM-Manning Wolves. I am Co-Sponsor of the IKM-Manning High School Student Council, Assistant Director for the high school musical, and also serve on the IKM-Manning High School Silver Cord Committee. I have a BS from Iowa State University in Family and Consumer Sciences, majoring in Child and Family Services. I also have a BS from Upper Iowa University in Social Sciences with a Secondary Education Endorsement. I am endorsed to teach 5-12 Family & Consumer Sciences, along with American Government, Sociology, and Psychology.
I am from the area, growing up and graduating from high school in Audubon. I now live on a farm between Irwin and Manning with my husband, Kevin, and our children; Rachel and Jesse Erb and Jonathan and Joey Greazel.

2016 - Jenni's students set up "mock" businesses

I believe that is Joey Greazel on the left

Jenni with her daughter, Rachel - Cinderella 2017 play

Joey Greazel

Tanner McLaws, Joey Greazel, Payton Sporrer

Joey Greazel, Rachel Erb, Lillie Ceminsky

Spring Play

Jon Greazel & Grace Sextro

Jon Greazel & Grace Sextro

Not to take away from the immediate family and their loss, my mother reminded me that we are related to the Erbs and here is the connection - way back in Germany.
Emilie and Wilhelmina Behrens were sisters

1 Count Hoffer von Roden
Rebecca von Roden
2 George Julias Behrens Gladebeck, Germany
Marie Sophia von Roden Gladebeck, Germany

3 Emilie Anna Friederica Caroline Behrens January 21, 1862 came to US in 1867
Deitrich Richard Eickelkamp Holstein Germany July 23, 1862

4 Clara Eickelkamp
Louie Ehrichs

5 Dorothy Ehrichs
Amos Kusel

6 David Kusel

1 Count Hoffer von Roden
Rebecca von Roden
2 George Julias Behrens Gladebeck, Germany
Marie Sophia von Roden Gladebeck, Germany

3 Wilhelmina Behrens Gladebeck, Germany September 1, 1846
Henry J. Guth Hannover, Denmark January 5, 1836

4 Henry Guth, Jr. April 17, 1868
Dorothea Wieck August 7, 1875

5 Julius Guth
Elva Axland

6 Myrna Guth
Gary Erb

7 Kevin Erb

George & Marie Behrens would be Rachel & Jesse Erb's great-great-great-great-grandparents.

George Behrens

Marie Behrens

Henry Guth, Jr. - WWI

Dora Guth

Julius & Eddie Guth

Henry & Dora Guth would be Rachel & Jesse Erb's great-great-great-grandparents.
Julius Guth would be Rachel & Jesse Erb's great-great-grandfather.

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