I'm guessing this was the class of 1935 when they were in 9th grade at the old grade school.
If you can help with IDs for any of these boys
Please e-mail me if you know mhs@davidkusel.com

I'm fairly sure that is Hip Kienapfel below
I should be able to pick out Eddie Johnson but can't right now.

Front: Harold "Hip" Kienapfel, ??, ??, ??, ??

Anyone born after roughly 1953 could be a child of one of these boys. I would sure hope you can pick out your dad or uncle.
Please take a few minutes to e-mail me if you can ID someone above.

Here are the boys who graduated in 1935:
Jimmy Albert, Raymond Friedrichsen, Glenn Hass, Esther Haupt, Clarence Hauschildt, Edwin Johnson, Harold Kienapfel, Ernie Nissen, Louis Pfoltner, Howard Ramsey, Franklin Reetz, Woodrow Reinholdt, Emil Ruhde, Vernon Schelldorf, Orren Schroeder, Elroy Schrum, Max Struve, Merle West

Here are the boys who were with the class of 1935 but did not graduate at Manning:
Lee Ross Bailey, William Baker, John Petty Dennis, Elmer Doyel, Leonard Farrell, Leon Finnerty, Lyle Finnerty, Arthur Genzen, Lyle Grundmeier, Leo Hagedorn, Virtus Martens, Edmond Musfeldt, Allen Oeser, Gilmore Oeser, Earl Ossenkop, James Philson, Dean Pope, Howard Radeleff, Elmer Reinke, Karl Schultz, Frederick Stangl, Keith Tilleston, Thomas Werner, Lester Wiley