I'm guessing this was the class of 1935 when they were in 9th grade at the old grade school.
If you can help with IDs for any of these girls
Please e-mail me if you know mhs@davidkusel.com

Anyone born after roughly 1953 could be a child of one of these girls. I would sure hope you can pick out your mother or aunt.
Please take a few minutes to e-mail me if you can ID someone above.

Here are the girls who graduated in 1935:
Rosalia Bueltel, Helen Frahm, Marietta Graves, Velma Hagedorn, Esther Haupt, Maxine Kuhl, Ruth Lage, Helen McGrath, Elaine Misselhorn, Marjorie Murphy, Joyce Rushenberg, Esther Stuhr, Virginia Wheeler

Here are the girls who were with the class of 1935 but did not graduate at Manning:
Elaine Barnes, Aileen Danielson, Mildred Doyel, Ruby Farrell, Idaleen Flenker, Grace Hansen, Vera Hinz, Hilda Jansen, Elnora Joens, Hazel Juels, June Kleespies, Joyce Klyver, Hazel Kuhn, Margaret Lamp, Virginia Lathrop, Louella Lewis, Lillie Bell Markley, Mildred McGee, Loretta Nickum, Dorothy Parkhouse, Esther Pfoltner, Jewell Precht, Jean Robertson, Jewel Schleuter