As I continue to scan the Enenbach/Frahm collection, I'm now running into school pictures and non-family member pictures.
One of the albums is the type that had black backing paper and everyone used a white chalk type pencil that faded away and rubs off.
I could read a partial caption for this picture "...Ruth & the Lage..." is all I could see. Helen Frahm graduated with Ruth Lage and Ruth, who recently died, had two sisters, so I hope some Lage family members will be able to confirm this is of the Lage sisters.
Snapshots from this era did not make very good prints and are very difficult to get a good scan from them. The back lighting washed out many of them which is hard to adjust and correct, but I still scan them.

Caption written under the picture
"...Ruth & the Lage..." and I believe there were originally words in front and back that rubbed off.
This led me to believe this is Ruth Lage and her sisters, Ina & Hazel

As I work on family collections I almost always find dozens of other Manning connections like this.
Since this is a sibling picture, besides the fact that Ruth and Helen were school classmates, I'm guessing they were also neighbors and maybe even distantly related.

Frahm sisters

Marian, Helen, Laverne