The pictures featured on this web page came from the Bill & Helen (Frahm) Enenbach family.
Several weeks ago I featured military pictures and information for this family and now I scanned pictures from the family scrapbooks.
In these albums are lots of non-family member pictures, some of which are not identified.

I'm hoping that the children, nephews and nieces of the people shown in this collection will e-mail me when they recognize one of their relatives.
E-mail links are posted on those pages where I need help.

I scan lots of baby pictures found in family collections and sadly, so many times, the pictures are not identified, but fortunately most of the pictures were identified in the Enenbach/Frahm albums - unfortunately some of the writing was worn off or faded so I still need help with IDs.

Dorothy Lohmeier

Ray & Elsie Lohmeier

Marlene Lohmeier

Top: Hugo Albertson
Bottom: Louie Redden (fireman), Ray Lohmeier

Ray Lohmeier

Ray started working for the RR when he was 18 years old (1923).
Became foreman in Manning
Worked for the Great Western which later was bought out by the Northwestern.
Went to Council Bluffs around 1960 - foreman in Council Bluffs
Worked for the RR 48 years and retired around age 66