Some of my more frequent visitors may have noticed that I haven't been updating/changing my web page much over the last several months.
It's definitely not that I've stopped scanning and digitizing pictures and history, although this aspect has also slowed down quite a bit too, because of all of the projects that need to be addressed here on the farm.
I also have many other projects that need to be worked on yet this summer, like any farm has, if it is to be well-cared for.

So for the next few months things will continue to be slow on my web page updates, but I still am hoping that more Manning connected Veterans and/or their families will come forward with pictures and information - as I still have hundreds of Manning Veterans who I have little if any information.

Here is a picture I recently received. His great-grandniece found my web page last year and after several e-mails I found out that her great-granduncle originally lived in the Manning area before his family moved to South Dakota.

You can find information about him on my WWI Veterans' page.

Frederick Schroeder
There is one fact about Fred that I want to mention here, because it is very important and also why we need to publish a Manning Veterans' book someday.
Frederick was KIA on September 30, 1918, in France.

So many people today have become so self-involved with themselves and their obsession on social media, that I think we need to be constantly reminded about why we have the easy and spoiled lifestyle we live in today.

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