These two pictures, taken in 2010, were just sent to me by Roger's cousins in Germany.

They sent this comment in the e-mail: The church I found so beautiful in Manning.
This shows how the historical buildings we have at the Heritage Park and in Manning also means something special to our visitors.
Once we have this history in our hands we must care for it, whether it is an old picture or document, or old building.
As you can see in the 2010 picture, the church was ready to get a new coat of paint. In 2012, there was still some money left over from the original congregation and fundraisers to paint the church. Now those funds have been depleted by other repairs to the structure and organ.

Fortunately, Manning volunteers are seeking ways to gather funds to maintain our historical structures and community in general.
Below is one of the ways funding is generated to maintain the church.

Community Foundation Of Carroll County Announces The Award Of 26 Grants From The County Endowment Program
Manning Betterment Foundation Replace old folding chairs VFW $2,000
Manning Betterment Foundation (Child Care) New surface for playground $10,000
Manning Community Foundation (Hausbarn-Heritage) Paint for historic Trinity Church $3,000
Manning Community Services (Senior Center) Add handicapped accessible doors to Senior Center $6,000

While I realize groups and organizations are always asking for donations - if you have a direct connection to the Trinity Church, or really appreciate the efforts the Manning community has taken in preserving these old structures, consider making a donation to the church, Hausbarn, or historical farmstead, all of which require constant care and maintenance.

All the way from Germany...
You will read my constant pleas on my web pages for Manning connected people to get their old Manning connected pictures to me to scan and add to the historical database I'm working on.
Early in 2017 I received an e-mail from cousins of Roger Hinz. They live in Germany and had found my web page and asked me if I knew Roger. I told them I know the Hinz family very well and would relay their messages to Roger. One thing led to another and I started sending them pictures I scanned from the Hinz/Timmerman collection who we did not know who they were.
Fortunately Roger's cousins in Germany have some of the same or similar pictures Roger has and they could help with identifications.

Just a few days ago Roger's cousins sent me 2 more pictures they have in their family collections back in Germany.

I get frustrated at how many families ignore my pleas to get their pictures to scan and add to the Manning database, but once in a while I get very surprised when I receive pictures from people in Germany.
This first picture from Germany shows the Detlef Hinz farm. This particular Detlef was a cousin to Roger's dad, Harry Hinz.
From what I can tell, not one of the original buildings exist today, including the house, so it is great to get this old historical picture that shows what the farm once looked like.

11604 320th Street - the old Willie Hoffman farm just south of Manning
Before Willie, the Eddie & Marian (Hoffman) Long family farm home.

This next picture was one that Roger had in the Hinz collection but we did not know who he was.
I e-mailed it to Roger's cousins in Germany and while they were visiting other cousins they ran into this same picture and identified him as Detlef's father, who served in the German Army.

Otto Wilhelm Hinrich Hinz

The rest of the pictures below came from the Roger Hinz collections...

Detlef "Dee" Hinz, son of Otto (above) - he last lived in the First Street Apartments
These were the old Otto Hinz Apartments - the Otto who built the Town & Country Lumber Yard.
Later, Detlef purchased these apartments from his cousin, Otto.

Below is Roger Hinz's family - Herman would be a brother to Otto shown above...


Back: Louis, Frank, Annette (Warren Timmerman's mother), Harry (Roger Hinz's dad)
Middle: Rose
Front: Herman D., Hilda, Emma (Barten), Elsie

Herman D. Hinz is what he went by but his given name is actually Detlef Hermann Christoph Hinz

Below are the parents of Herman & Otto Hinz. They never immigrated to the US, but remained in Revensdorf, Germany.

Detlef Hinrich Christoph Hinz

Wilhelmine Catharina (Jöhnk) and Detlef Hinrich Christoph Hinz

Hopefully by showing the pictures sent to me from Germany and some background on the Hinz family - this will encourage those Manning connected people who live here in the US to contact me and send me their old pictures and history to add to this very unique and one of a kind community historical database I'm building for Manning.

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