May 24, 1945 Spotlite
Ninth Graders Get Diplomas

Fifty-four graduates received diplomas, "Boots and Saddle's," from Henry Hoffmann, president of the Manning board of education after completing ninth grade work at exercises conducted in the high school auditorium Friday night.
Coach C.W. "Bill" Steneker, "Broncho Buster Steneker" gave the address of the evening. He stressed the importance of the next three years in high school in their lives and that in the beginning there should be a better understanding between parents and children and on the course the children should pursue through high school. Children should be given more responsibilities as they grow older and also be started in the right direction.
Secondly, he urged all students to take part in the extra activities of the school, that half of the child's education came from the outside activities. Usually the youngster who gets into trouble is the one with too much time on his hands.
Steneker urged each boy and girl to save some of their earnings and to start a savings account. He said: "Keep an account of what you spend and consult your parents occasionally about it and if they approve, you are going in the right direction." He added that all businesses keep books and that life was a business and books should be kept on it. Any fool can make and spend money, but it takes a wise man to save it.
The setting for the commencement was the "Rodeo." Marian Godiksen, president of the class, acted as Foreman of the Ranch.
Arden Smith played the processional, "Riding High."
The program opened and closed with the class song, "Hitting the Trail."
Greetings, "The Squeak of Leather," was given by Marilyn Schroeder; the class history, "The Roundup," by Delores Stamp; the prophecy, "Cowboy's Dream," by Glen Schmidt: the activities of the class, "Branding," by Bob Koch: the last will and testament of the class. "Bridle and Saddle Upon the Shelf," by Iris Kuhl; "Cowpunchers." original class poem, by Wayne Alwill; "It's Yours, Partner," by Stanley Nissen, who presented the ninth grade key that opens a year of happy work for the next ninth grade to Melvin Clothier, president of the eighth grade: Riding toward the Sunset " Farewell, was given by Merlin Rostermundt.
Musical numbers in the program were by the class, "Home on the Range," and "Dying Cowboy."
Class officers Include: President, Marian Godiksen; vice president, Allen Wegner; Secretary, Faye Jensen; Treasurer, Orville Hinze; Class sponsor, Miss Evelyn Hoffman.