December 5, 1946 Spotlite
Juniors Give Play December 16
Cast For Comedy Released by Ruth Moeller, Director
List All Personnel Now Working on Event

Members of the Junior class of Manning high school will present the class play, "Girl Shy", in the high school auditorium Monday, December 16. The play, a college comedy, is the story of a girl-shy college boy, whose father is trying to marry him to the girl from home. The happenings surround his attempt to get out of it. His conceited girl-loving roommate is definitely a character worth seeing.
Miss Ruth Moeller, high school dramatic instructor is directing the play and announced the following cast:
Tom Arsdale, who is girl-shy, Stanley Nissen.
Oke Stimson, who isn't, Bill Roberts.
Anthony Arsdale, Tom's father, Charles Schelldorf.
Sylvia Webster, Tom's pet aversion, Alice Wagner.
Babs Sanford, herself, Marian Godiksen.
Caroline, Tom's aunt, Shirley Grundmeier.
Dean Marlowe, dean of the college, Russell Hammer.
Asma, a colored "wash lady," Colene Gray.
Birdie Laverne, a movie aspirant, Zita Smith.
Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd, the college poet, Orville Hinze.
Chuck Mayo, Birdie's late affinity, Merlin Rostermundt.
Peaches Carter, Oke's present weakness, Marilyn Grau.
Others assisting In the production of the play are Iris Kuhl, student director; Marilyn Schroeder, prompter; Patty Valentine, stage effects; Delton Gruhn, lights and curtains; Iris Kuhl, Ruth Behrens, posters and publicity; Royce Rowedder and Bob Koch, ushers; Madonna Steen, Faye Jensen, Hazel Doyel, Geraldine Reimers, usherettes.
Make-up, Miss Myra Hamann, Miss Sylvia Waugh, Miss Rose Mary Gleason; stage crew, Bob Koch, Delton Gruhn, Glen Schmidt, Arlo Dammann, Roger Clark.
Tickets, Opal Weems, Dorothy Blum.
Programs, Ruth McConnell, Geraldine Reimers.
Stage properties, Wayne Alwill, Virgil Rowedder, Patty Valentine, David Musfeldt, Wayne Schroeder, Jerry Bonnesen, Willis Lohmeier, Norma Meggers, Darlene Mincey, LaVonne Schrum.
Personal properties, Herbert Buschman, Hazel Doyel, Jimmy Farrell, Don Kasperbauer, Darlene Lamp, Dale Leinen, Lyle Stoberl, Allen Wegner.