May 20, 1948 Spotlite
Spotlite Items Concluded Today

This is the last issue of the Spotlight that will appear in The Monitor this year, and we, as the editors, would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and appreciation to Miss Marie Perkins, our advisor; Mr. Arnold Sanders, who patiently put up with our efforts all year; the staff members, and all the others who have helped us get the news ready each week.
We've enjoyed working on the paper this year, and we hope you've enjoyed reading it.
A new singing star was discovered at the banquet, isn't that right, Gaillard Frank? Don't forget, girls, that Friday night is the leap year dance. The rules say the girls are to bring the boys. We hope you know how to drive the cars.
33 Graduates In Jr. High Class
The ninth grade class night will be next Wednesday, May 26. It will take place at the junior high assembly at 8. Parents and immediate families are invited. The following students will receive diplomas: Gene Addison, Kenneth Danner, Stanley Frahm, Charles Frank, Robert Genzen, Donald Gray, Vernon Hass, Allan Joens, Charles Kruse, Gene Kruse, Mickey Niehaus, Leonard Ramsey, Robert Richards, Benjamin Ress, Donald Wegner, Janet Bonnesen, Lois Fischer, Iona Gray, Marlene Horbach, Phyllis Jensen, Marlene Kroeger, Wava Lacy, Joanne Lamp, Marlene Lohmeier, Carol Jean. Petersen, Betty Popp, Joann Rowedder, Myra Schroeder, Margaret Schrum, Frances Soll, LaRae Weems, Joann Wilhelm, Donna Weinbrandt.
The class song is to the tune of "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover." The colors are purple and white.
Stanley Nissen, run for senator.
Wayne Schroeder, work in Shields' Market.
Roger Clark, run the junk yard.
Wayne Alwill, study.
Dorothy Blum, I wish I knew.
Jim Farrell, travel.
Merlin Rostermundt, polish the corners of the city round house.
Coreen Nickum, sling hash at Duffy's Tavern.
Shirley Schroeder, go hunting and not for game!
LaDonna Schrum, might as well go hunting, too.
Don Kasperbauer, follow the sign "Go west young man."
David Musfeldt, run a brewery.
Delton Gruhn, star in the picture "The Shorthorn blows at Midnight."
Russell Hammer, get some nails and build a house.
Allen Wegner, you'll never guess.
Dale Leinen, get even with that tractor
Orville Hinze, run for park commissioner.
Baccalaureate for the graduating class of 1948 will be held Sunday 23. Commencement will take place Thursday, May 27.
Student Council In Leap Year Dance
The student council is sponsoring the last high school dance of the year, a leap year dance, which will be held Friday evening at the high school auditorium.
These rules will be enforced: The girls will ask the boys for dates for the evening. The girls will pay the admission and furnish a means of transportation if possible. The girls are given the permission to choose their partners for each dance. Special dances will be a cane dance, progressive dances and one or two boys' choices.
The Quill and Scroll, honorary society at Manning high, will hold its last meeting Wednesday, May 26. It will be in the form of a going-away party for the senior members of the group.
Student Account of Music Contest
On Saturday, May 15, several carloads of Manning students arrived In Boone for the All State Music contest. Instrumental students were dashing to and fro, tuning their instruments as they went, and receiving wishes of good luck with nervous "thank yous" while the vocal students clutched their lemons tightly.
Sally Schrum especially had to dash around. She left her music at the high school In Boone which was two blocks from the place where she played and she had about five minutes to run back and get it. When she finally came in panting, she found that they were off schedule and she had a half hour to wait. Anyway, Sally decided that she enjoyed the exercise.
Faye Jensen, Dick Mincey, Donnarae Strathman and Zita Smith, received more than one glance from people who walked past, for they wore flashy yellow ties with their uniforms.
Marlene Lohmeier and Lois Wilhelm decided that there should be more, good looking judges at contests. Anyway, Marlene said "My Judge sure made me feel at ease, especially when, he smiled at me."
Miss Stryzewski says that she's going to see that her music is in order from now on. The mixed quartet which includes Iris Kuhl, Ruth Behrens, Bob Koch and Royce Rowedder, were singing gaily along when all of a sudden, no piano part. If they had been in the audience, they would have seen her paging through her music which was all out of order. The accompanist doesn't have such an easy job either, especially in pinches like this. The important thing was that the quartet received a superior rating.
Everyone was tired but happy when it was time to pack up instruments and lemons. (Winners on page one).
Boys 1948 Champs of Junior High
Last Friday the tournament of junior high, was completed, with the ninth grade boys winning the title. They defeated the eighth grade girls by a score of 14 to 4. Miss Rosemary Gleason was talking to some of the boys and said, "It didn't look too good the first Inning."'
Donald Wegner said, "We just wanted them to have confidence in themselves."
Last Friday, during the noon hour, Adele Gray was up to bat. She hit a fly, and Roger Nielsen caught it. Surprising he didn't drop it!!!
Which one does LeRoy Dammann really like, Mary Lou Petersen or Adele Gray? Or does Buck have them both??
Rosemary and Cheral, were you disappointed last Saturday night in the shower??? But everything turned out alright afterwards, didn't it???