October 23, 1947 M.H.S. Spotlite

Co-editors: Marian Godiksen and Marilyn Schroeder
Sports Editors: Bob Koch and Merlin Rostermundt
Junior High Editors: Marlene Horbach and Joann Wilhelm
Sophomore Class Editor: Ardella Frahm
Junior Class Editor: Iva Mohr
Columnists: Ruth McConnell and Royce Rowedder|
Activities: Colene Gray
Agriculture: Stanley Nissen
Faculty Advisor: Miss Marie Perkins
TYPISTS: Madonna Steen, Opal Weems, Iris Kuhl, Geraldine Reimers, Dorothy Blum and Ruth Behrens.
Five FFA chapter officers went to Kansas City Tuesday with Instructor Paul A. Johnson, namely, David Musfeldt, Stanley Nissen, Virgil Rowedder, Orville Hinze and Don Middendorf.
I'll get by, Seniors.
Feudin', Fussin', and Fightin', Don Mohr and Delores Dammann.
Temptation, Allen Wegner.
Near You, School books.
Keep the Home Fires Burning - Groppe and Heinie.
I'm a Big Girl Now, Darlene Lamp.
Sweet Sixteen, Wayne Alwill.
What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You, Teachers.
That's What I Like About the South, Royce Rowedder.
Gerald Grundmeier: "I swallowed a door knob."
Melvin Clothier: "What happened?"
Gerald: "Now, every little thing turns my stomach."

Man is sick,
Man dies,
Man is buried,
Man turns to soil.

Grass grows from soil,
Cows eat grass.
MORAL: Never kick a cow. It may be your Uncle Albert.

To avoid that run-down feeling, cross the streets carefully.

If you sleep late you're lazy.
If you're up early, your nuts.
If you just study, you don't play enough.
It you play, your studies will suffer.
If you stay in nights, you don't have enough activities.
If you go out, you don't like your home.
If you go with boys, you get laughed at.
If you don't, you're unpopular.
If you laugh a lot, you're silly.
If you don't, you're a sourpuss.
If you're curious, you're nosy.
If you aren't, you don't care.
If you get married, you're crazy.
If you don't you're a bachelor or an old maid.
People, God bless 'em, don't know what they want!