May 13, 1948 Spotlite
FFA Boys Tell of State Convention
Here is a word from each one of the FFA boys on their trip to Des Moines.

Donald Middendorf: I enjoyed playing in the band very much. The tour through the Firestone Tire plant was very interesting because they showed every step in making a tire, which kept you guessing what was coming next. For recreation we went swimming and saw several good shows. When night came we were all quite tired so we got to bed rather early.

David Musfeldt: The part of the convention that interested me the most was the raising of Iowa Farmer candidates to their degree and the F.F.A. parade on Saturday. Away from the convention I couldn't say what I enjoyed the most, the Y. M. C. A. swimming pool or the elevator operators at the hotel.

Orville Hinze: I was one of the six fellows that went to Des Moines for the F.F.A. convention and I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the Firestone plant most because it was very educational and we saw the process of how a tire is made. I also enjoyed the meeting which we attended I believe all six of us enjoyed our trip very much.

Glenn Schmidt: The things that I enjoyed most are: Meeting some boys I knew, going to the top of the State Capitol, listening to the making of the F.F.A. broadcast, and the raising of Iowa farmer candidates to the degree.

Willis Lohmeier: "Whitey" was too busy to write down what he enjoyed most, but he did manage to stop long enough to say he liked the Genetics Dairy Farm they visited the best.

Delton Gruhn: The things I enjoyed most are I saw how a state convention was held, other chapter programs, swimming, and going to the top of the Capitol.

The following are other things which they seemed to enjoy.
Willis Lohmeier: riding elevators.
David Musfeldt: waiting for an elevator girl.
Orville Hinze: taking baths.
Glenn Schmidt: taxi fares.
Delton Gruhn: taking pictures in the hotel room.
Don Middendorf: it wasn't the ice he found in his bed.

The Reporter's Scrapbook, which received a gold rating at the district contest at Manning, received a silver rating at the state contest. The Secretary's book, also a gold rating winner in the district contest, and the chapter exhibit, each received a bronze rating at the state contest.
Glenn Schmidt, a 1948 Iowa Farmer, received the DeKalb award for having the highest scholastic record in agriculture during the four years he has taken the course